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※Works only with Mi Multifunctional hub or Aqara Air Conditioner Controller
Aqara smart three-way switches vs. standard three-way switches

With three-way switches, you can control one lamp with two switches, e.g. light switches at both top top and bottom of stairs. Adding a 2nd wired switch requires pulling new wires which is labor intensive, time consuming, and intrusive.

Did your builder forget to install switches on both ends of a long hallway, or are there more convenient locations for your switches? With Aqara's light switch, you can easily control the same lights from two or more locations without new wiring.

※ This function shall be matched with Wireless Switch Mini.


From beginning to end,
have a perfect day with Aqara

Set soothing light wake-up scenes to

tailor the system just the way you like.


Turn on light upon detecting people moving

Turn on the light wherever you go after you wake up.

sunlight in the morning, Aqara Wall Switch awakes and activates you to meet the new day.

※ This function works with the Mi Motion Sensor


Turn off lights even when you are at work

Need to leave in a hurry?

Turn off all lights in your home via our smart phone app with a single click


Door opening triggers lamp to turn on

The light will automatically turn on to welcome you upon your arrival home,

detected by the door opening.

※This function works with the Mi Door & Window Sensor.


Turn off lights with one touch

On a cold winter night, turn off all lights from your bedside switch

without traipsing around the homes

※It should work with Aqara Wireless switch to create this scenario.
Easily upgrading without replacing the original lamps.

Aqara Light Switch can be easily and rapidly installed without changing the original lighting equipment and circuit.

commonly-used lamps can be flexibly controlled

only by replacing the traditional light switch with an Aqara light switch.

Match Aqara Light Switch with Mi sensors  to achieve various functions

You can match Aqara's Light Switch with other Mi Sensors to achieve various functions.

More ZigBee devices connected to the system means a better user experience.

High-quality light switch

The Aqara Light Switch, when matched with a Panasonic 16A Pickup Resistance Relay, can control lamps from 3W to 1500W.

Equipped with atemperature detection chip and 5A fuse, it can automatically shutoff when detecting a load greater than 1500W

or the internal temperature exceeds 60 ℃. The panel can be switched up to 50,000 times.

Quick connection  in 3 steps

Instructions for installation

Each rocker of the light switch (Aqara Double Rocker Switch) controls one lamp. The switch can be installed in the following steps:

1. Turn power off at the circuit breaker, remove switch cover plate, remove existing switch, replace with Aqara Double Rocker Switch, connect live wire of wall junction box to Input Terminal L, then connect the lamp wire of wall junction box to L1 and L2 (Note: The lamps connected with L1 and L2 are controlled by the left button and right button respectively), and finally tighten the screw. See the drawing below for wiring:

2. Remove the switch panel with straight screwdriver.

3. Secure the switch on the wall junction box with screw.

4. Press down the switch panel.

5. Turn on the main switch. You can confirm the Aqara light switch is powered-on if the blue status indicator flashes once. Press the button, the switch is functional but not connected to a network when the red state indicator flashes slowly.

Download the client and install it according to the steps of “add device”.

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