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※ Works only with Mi Multifunctional hub or Aqara Air Conditioner Controller
Fits into your smart home

The Aqara Smart Wall Socket (ZigBee version) is a smart socket that does not affect the interior design
and decor. It is a direct replacement of traditional sockets but enables remote control, countdown timer,
and power statistics, and can be linked with other smart devices for more convenience.

Simple design and high quality

The Aqara Smart Wall Socket (ZigBee version) has passed the national CCC certification and uses V0-class 750°C fire-retardant materials. The socket has an independent safety doors. Supports temperature overload protection and supports up to 2500W high-power appliances. The keys can withstand more than 50,000 times of repeated pressing, the body is made of anti-UV material, and does not fade with long-term use.

Match Aqara Wall Socket with Mi sensors to achieve various functions

You can match Aqara's Smart Wall Socket (ZigBee version) with other Mi Sensors to achieve various
functions. More ZigBee devices connected to the system means a better user experience.

6:30 in the morning, the water dispenser powers up automatically. Once you wake up, you can drink hot water and enjoy warm breakfast.

7:00 in the morning no need to get out of bed on a cold winter morning, Aqara's Smart Wall Socket will automatically turn off outside lights.

9 o'clock, turn on the water heater in advance, and immediately enjoy a hot water bath at home after a long day at work.

At 11:30 in the evening, you are ready to fall asleep. simply with a single click, turn on the bedside lamp and turn off the desk lamp and other home appliances.

Save power with clear statistics

Do you know the power consumed by the appliances in your home? Aqara's Smart Wall Socket
(ZigBee version) not only calculates the consumed power, but also accurately detects the actual
power of air appliances. It also enables you to save power with clear statistics.

Simple connection requires only two steps

Direct replacement of traditional wall outlets, low-cost, rapid intelligent transformation. With the
gateway or air conditioner companion, you can easily experience the remote control, countdown
timer, power statistics and can be linked with other smart devices for more smart features.

Replace existing wall outlet

Pair gateway or air conditioner companion

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