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Band Accessories

Mi Band 3/4 Replacement Strap

Soft, comfortable to touch / more stable / three colors to choose from, light weight

Rs 750

Mi Band 3 Charging Cable

Easy to carry / dedicated charging cable

Rs 500

Mi Band 3/4 Hollow Breathable ...

Sport two-color, porous breathable waterproof perspiration

Rs 400

Mi Band 2 Pattern Straps

Mi Band 2 high-end fashion colored strap, high-quality ,environmental and healthy material, flexible and comfortable to wear

Rs 350

Mi Band 4 Dedicated Charging C...

Easy to carry / dedicated charging cable

Rs 900

Mi Band 3/4 Metal Wristband St...

Solid steel / fine polished / shiny smooth

Rs 1,650

Mi Band 3/4 Cowhide Highgrade ...

Made from first layer of cowhide which is the best leather material, with good elasticity and waterproofing, high gloss, wear resistance, high texture

Rs 1,350

Mi Band 3/4 Metal V-Type Stain...

Mi Band 4 strap made from stainless steel cut and spliced further for durability and smooth surface

Rs 1,650

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