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We believe that high-quality products built with cutting-edge
technology should be made accessible to everyone

“innovation for everyone”


Change, starting from today smart bracelet with
color screen, heart rate & sports activities

Mi Band 6 Standard Edition

Instantly view call, text, app notifications and music in play.
Keep your hands free as you keep up with life.

Mi Band 6 Standard Edition

One Step Ahead

Rs 6,199Rs 6,699

Redmi AirDots 2 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

Auto-connect once you take them out the case

Rs 2,999Rs 4,999

1MORE In-Ear Earphones

Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones | Hi-Res Headphones with High Resolution | Bass Driven Sound | MEMS Mic

Rs 3,999Rs 4,500

70mai Dash Cam 4K A800S

Our Ultimate Flagship Camera

Rs 30,999Rs 31,999

Redmi Monitor 1080P 60Hz 27 Inches

HD 1080P | Low Blue Light | 178° Wide Field of View

Rs 37,999Rs 39,999

IMILAB W11 Smart Watch

Women's Choice | Tailored Features | Gorgeous Design

Rs 6,499Rs 6,999

Redmi Buds 3 Pro

Dual - Device Connectivity | Wireless Charging

Rs 10,499Rs 10,999

Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2S

Single Ear-Mode | Type-C Charging Port | UPTO 20 Hours with Charging Case

Rs 3,499Rs 4,500

Mi TV Soundbar

The Perfect TV Companion

Rs 12,999Rs 15,999

Cleans until the job is done

Designed for you and your home

Change the way you clean forever

A highly intelligent home cleaning device with 12 different
sensors, The three processors track its movement in real-time and
calculate the data using simultaneous localization and mapping
(SLAM) algorithm to map out the layout of your home and
determine the best cleaning routes.

Mi Sweeping Vacuum Robot 1T

Designed for You and Your Home

Rs 74,999Rs 79,999

Mi Sweeping Vacuum Robot 1C

Visual Dynamic Navigation System

Rs 46,999Rs 49,999

YIJIE Wireless Handheld Sweeper

It is Clean, Flexible, and Light without Bending Over

Rs 5,999Rs 7,000

Mi Robot Vacuum 1S

Integrated dual navigation, can see Clearly and Scan thoroughly

Rs 57,999Rs 59,999

Mi Air Purifier 2S

Classic Upgrade, Good Air can See

Rs 26,500Rs 28,500

Mi Air Purifier 3

Improved Air Quality, Improved Living

Rs 33,999Rs 35,000

Onemoon 2L Air Fryer

Air is the New Oil !
Fry and Cook Healthier Food

Rs 9,999Rs 12,000

Multiple lights, countless displays

new design with a seamless brightness transition

A touchable artwork

Mi Bedside Lamp 2 offers a virtual kaleidoscope of colors.
Match your lighting to your mood. Set it for gaming, reading,
or any other activity. Adjust the brightness quickly and easily
to improve sleep patterns and comfort levels.

Mi Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light

Simple Design | Fit into Your Home Style

Rs 1,999Rs 2,500

Mi Motion Sensor Night Light 2

Light up Every Step

Rs 1,799Rs 1,999

Mi Motion-Activated Sensor Light

High-Sensitivity | Large Range

Rs 1,999Rs 2,150

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb (Color)

Paint your Home with Colors | Anytime | Anywhere

Rs 4,499Rs 4,999

Yeelight LED Clip-on Table Lamp

The night elf shines for the enterprising you

Rs 2,499Rs 2,700

Yeelight Crystal Sensory Light Mini

Light Up at Your Convenience

Rs 3,499Rs 3,999

Mijia Bedside Lamp 2

Full of soft lightning, all-round lighting
Large Luminous Area| Colorful RGB Soft Light| Night Light| Voice Control

Rs 7,299Rs 7,500

Turn Your 'Dumb' LED TV Into a Smart TV

4K Ultra HD Android TV with Google Voice Assistant & Direct Netflix Streaming

Mi Box S

Connect to a world of content and entertainment at home with
Mi Box S. Running on the latest Android TV 8. 1 is easy to use,
supports voice controls and your favorite apps such as Netflix,
VUDU, YouTube, SlingTV and more! Experience stunning 4K
HDR visuals and DOLBY DTS for an immersive experience.

Mi Box S 4K HDR TV Box

4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player

Rs 10,999Rs 12,999

Mi TV Stick

Stream Anywhere | Light and Portable | Easy to Set up

Rs 7,499Rs 7,999

Solove X3 Portable Flashlight Power Bank

Emergency Energy Light Bulb | Mini Power Bank

Rs 2,199Rs 2,700

Mi LCD Mini Blackboard

Feel Free to Draw | Record the Moment of Inspirtaion

Rs 3,799Rs 3,999

Andon Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Simple Measurements | Comprehensive | Powerful

Rs 6,499Rs 7,800

Tonfon Rechargeable 12V Drill

European Quality | More Battery Life | Multi - Range Adjustment | Safe and Durable

Rs 7,999Rs 9,500

MIIIW Household Hand Tool Kit Toolbox

A Variety of Essential Tools for Home Improvement / Repair Work
Reddot Product Design Award | 6+2 Utility Toolbox | Safe and Durable

Rs 5,999Rs 8,000

World's first unique foldable design

Foldable design | Operate silently | Auto speed control | No installation

Mi Foldable WalkingPad

Ever since a sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a shortened
lifespan (and even before that), a lot of us have been looking for
a way to add regular exercise into our daily lives. The Mi Foldable
WalkingPad offers an interesting solution: it lets you take a step
closer to the idea of a home gym without making any significant
changes to your home interior

Mi Foldable WalkingPad

Foldable Design | Operates Silently | Auto Speed Control

Rs 120,000Rs 125,000

Mi WiFi Amplifier Pro

WiFi Amplifier with 2 Antenna to Give your WiFi range a boost

Rs 2,199Rs 2,499

Mi Electric Shaver S100

Full Body Washable | Type-C Charging Port | Silent Motor | 90-Minute Battery Life | Dual Safety Protections

Rs 2,999Rs 3,500

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

Anti - Bacterial Contactless Soap Dispenser

Rs 3,199Rs 3,500

Mi Deerma Water Spray Mop

Drag and Dry | 0.75kg | Effortless | Cardon Fiber Dust Luck Cloth | 360 Rotation Rod

Rs 2,099Rs 2,850

Mi Vertical Sterilization Toothbrush Holder

Clean and Tidy | Farewell to Messy

Rs 3,499Rs 3,999

Mi Anion Portable Hair Dryer

10 Million Anion Hair Care | Foldable Storage
Fast Airflow Drying | Small and Lightweight

Rs 3,499Rs 3,999

More choices to change your lifestyle

Home, travel, family, selection in every possible way

Mi USB 3.0 U Disk 64GB

USB3.0 | High-Speed Read & Write | Metal Body | Stylish and Durable | Compact and Convenient

Rs 2,999Rs 3,399

Mi USB 3.0 Splitter

Four-Port USB Expansion

Rs 1,999Rs 2,200

MIIIW Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo

2.4G wireless receiver | Plug and Play | 104-key Full Size | One-Button Switch Windows/Mac Dual System Support | Symmetrical Design | Power Indicator

Rs 3,499Rs 3,999

Mi Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo

2.4G Hz Wireless Transmission | Full Size 104 Keys | Multi-function Shortcut Keys | Simple and Thin Design

Rs 3,899Rs 4,200

Mi Portable Wireless Mouse

Not only the design, touch is also Comfortable

Rs 2,299Rs 2,500

Mi Wireless Mouse Youth Edition

Comfortable grip, light and labor-saving

Rs 1,999Rs 2,200

MIIIW Lightweight Wireless Office Mouse

2.4G wireless receiver, plug and play, symmetrical design, up to 1000DPI, power indicator, 2 AAA battery

Rs 1,749Rs 1,999

Mi Wireless Mouse 2

ABS plastic upper cover / ABS plastic middle frame / ABS plastic lower cover / injection aluminum alloy roller / knurled + CNC cutting

Rs 1,999Rs 2,150

MIIIW Bluetooth Dual Mode Portable Mouse Air

Bluetooth dual-mode connection, ultra-thin portable, stylish and lightweight

Rs 3,199Rs 3,500

MIIIW Sports Mouse Pad

Competition grade PC surface, suction cup rubber bottom pad, office game dual purpose, length 355mm width 255mm

Rs 1,799Rs 2,200

Oak Natural Softwood Carbonized Mouse Pad

Constant temperature and comfort, carbonized fragrance, stain resistant and waterproof, resistant to bending, large, medium and small size optional

Rs 1,799Rs 2,000

Mi Band 5 Fitness Tracker

24-hour sleep monitoring / 14-day long battery life / magnetic charging cable / 11 sports modes

Rs 4,499Rs 5,499

Amazfit GTR Smartwatch

Metal and Ceramic Elegant Design

Rs 18,499Rs 25,000

Amazfit GTS Sports Smart Watch

Classic Look with Powerful Features

Rs 18,499Rs 26,999

Haylou Solar LS05 Smart Watch

Nordic Minimalist Design

Rs 4,999Rs 5,299

Haylou LS02 Smart Watch 2

Break Through,Brun to Be active

Rs 4,199Rs 4,699

IMILAB KW66 Smart Watch

Freely Stylish Fashion

Rs 5,499Rs 6,499

Mi Watch Lite

Get smart, get fit

Rs 9,999Rs 11,999

Amazfit Bip U

Your First Step into Smart Fitness

Rs 9,999Rs 11,000

Amazfit GTS 2 Smart Watch

Where Style Meets Health

Rs 29,999Rs 30,599

Mi Watch

Six upgrades for a sportswear style worth emulating

Rs 19,499Rs 19,999

Amazfit GTS 2e

Where Style Meets Health

Rs 21,999Rs 22,500

Amazfit GTR 2e

A New Classic Essential

Rs 21,999Rs 23,000

Mibro Air Smart Watch

Ultra Light,Free Wear

Rs 4,999Rs 5,499

Mibro Color Smart Watch

Color Your Mood for A Healthy Life

Rs 5,999Rs 6,499

IMILAB W12 Smart Watch

SmartWatch for Active Lifestyles

Rs 6,999Rs 7,499

Haylou RS3 Smart Watch

Health Expert

Rs 11,499Rs 12,000

Haylou RT LS05S Smartwatch

You Define Who You Are

Rs 6,499Rs 6,999

Mi Body Fat Smart Scale 2

Simple Slim & Accurate

Rs 4,999Rs 5,999

Mi iHealth Thermometer

Point, Aim, Measure

Rs 3,999Rs 4,700

Mi Medical Electronic Thermometer

Peace of mind to protect your family's health

Rs 999Rs 1,199

Andon Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Accurate Measurement

Rs 4,599Rs 5,000

QCY T1C TWS Bluetooth Earphones

Take out to use

Rs 2,199Rs 2,499

QCY T5 True Wireless Earbuds

Professional Gaming Earbuds

Rs 3,499Rs 4,999

Omthing AirFree TWS Earbuds

Always Be Heard

Rs 3,999Rs 4,499

Haylou True Wireless Bluetooth Headset GT1 Pro

Beast Performance Minimalist Appearance

Rs 3,499Rs 3,999

Haylou True Wireless Bluetooth Headset GT1

Quick Pairing

Rs 2,899Rs 2,999

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic

Feel the beat all day

Rs 5,299Rs 5,599

QCY T7 TWS Smart Earbuds

Listen! That's the Sound of My Heart

Rs 2,999Rs 3,299

Haylou T19 Wireless Charging TWS Earbuds

Qualcomm chipset, Two-way four mic noise canceling, Pairing animation, Wireless charging, New precise clicking control

Rs 5,499Rs 5,999

Haylou GT5 True Wireless Earbuds

Ultra-low Latency Original Sound Quality

Rs 3,999Rs 4,199

>Haylou Moripods True Wireless Earbuds

Trendy and Superior Happiness is What I Define

Rs 4,749Rs 4,999

Haylou GT3 True Wireless Earbuds

Exceptional Accuracy Superior Performance

Rs 3,499Rs 3,999

QCY T10 True Wireless Earbuds

Outstanding Sound from Different Driver

Rs 4,299Rs 4,499

QCY T12 True Wireless Earbuds

Stylish Design Quality Sound

Rs 2,999Rs 3,699

Haylou GT6 True Wireless Earbuds

Excellent Performance and Sound Quality

Rs 4,299Rs 4,499

Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic

Aluminum Sound Chamber | Improved 3rd Gen Balanced Damping

Rs 899Rs 999

Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2

Beautiful Design, Beautiful Sound

Rs 3,799Rs 3,999

Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

High volume | Long battery life | Lightweight and Portable

Rs 6,999Rs 7,700

Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker Mini

Dust-proof and Waterproof / 2000mAh battery / Bluetooth 5.0 / TWS interconnection function

Rs 3,799Rs 3,900

Redmi TV Soundbar

Support Bluetooth 5.0/ black matte finishing / 30W speaker with ducted sound cavity

Rs 8,999Rs 9,500

Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2

Compact Design, Powerful Sound

Rs 1,999Rs 2,199

Bcase TUP2 Magnetic Cable Organizer

High compatibility clips, practical magnetic base, original wood grain texture

Rs 799Rs 1,100

Bcase Silicone Cable Organizer

One slot, One line, Neat desktop

Rs 699Rs 750

WSKEN Soldier S1 Magnetic Cable 1.2M

Magnetic Connection

Rs 999Rs 1,499

WSKEN Soldier S1 Magnetic Cable 2M

Magnetic Connection

Rs 1,399Rs 1,899

Mi Type-C Fast Charge Data Cable

Make Connection More Simple

Rs 899Rs 999

Mi USB-C Braided Data Cable

High-strength fiber braided wire | integrated interface design | durable

Rs 999Rs 1,099

ZMI Apple USB Cable (1m Braided Cable)

Apple lightning data cable | Wearable braided wire | MFi certification | Portable cable | Magnetic accessory

Rs 2,299Rs 2,800

Mi Type-C To Lightning Cable 1m

Official Apple MFi certification / Support fast charging / Durable / Can be used with Mi Type-C chargers

Rs 1,899Rs 1,999

Mi Charger Fast Charge Version (65W)

50W MAX charging power | Compatible with different charging protocols

Rs 3,799Rs 4,200

Mi GaN Type-C 65W Charger

Gallium nitride third-generation semiconductor material

Rs 4,499Rs 5,499

Mi Type-C Fast Charging Version 20W

Wowstick 1F+ newest upgraded electric screwdirver

Rs 1,499Rs 1,999

Mi Vertical Air-Cooled Wireless Charger 30W

Unlock a new charging position

Rs 6,499Rs 7,500

Mi Wireless Charger (20W)

Fast Charging | Lightweight and Portable / smart & secure

Rs 3,999Rs 4,300

Mi 20W Wireless Charging Stand

Vertical stand structure, 20W wireless flash charger, double coil design, 4mm sensing distance

Rs 3,399Rs 3,499

Mi Power Strip 3 USB 3 Sockets

Like a work of art, so that life could be a little easier

Rs 1,799Rs 2,000

Mi Power Strip 3 USB 6 Sockets

Elegant Plug-in Board

Rs 3,299Rs 3,500

Mi Quad Control Power Strip

Aesthetically artistic, it symbolizes Power

Rs 3,799Rs 4,200

Mi Power Strip Fast Charging Version 27W

Safe high-power fast charging power strip

Rs 2,999Rs 3,200

10000mAh Mi Wireless Charging Power Bank

Wireless charging just got mobile | You can charge your phone anywhere, wirelessly

Rs 5,299Rs 5,499

10000mAh Redmi Power Bank

Ultimate Charging Convenience

Rs 2,099Rs 2,300

20000mAh Redmi Power Bank

More charges on the go!

Rs 3,499Rs 3,950

10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 18W Fast Charging Version

18W Fast Charge | Dual-port Input | Output

Rs 2,850Rs 3,000

10000mAh Mi Wireless Charging Power Bank Youth Edition

Anytime,Anywhere,Wireless and Wired Charging

Rs 3,999Rs 5,999

20000mAh USB-C Mi Power Bank 3

USB-C 18W Bi-directional Fast Charge

Rs 4,399Rs 4,500

10000mAh Mi Black Shark 18W Power Bank

Armored Design | 18W Two-Way Charging

Rs 4,999Rs 5,350

10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Super Flash Edition

50W MAX fast flash charge | 10000mAh large capacity

Rs 7,499Rs 7,999

Mi Power Bank 3 30000mAh Quick Charge Version

Large-capacity / high-quality batteries / smart fast charging capabilities

Rs 6,799Rs 7,200

Black Shark Power Bank 20000mAh

20000mAh large capacity | three-port output | two-way fast charge | smart and safe

Rs 6,499Rs 6,999

Mi Rainbow AA Alkaline Battery

Eco-friendly, unique and compact design that reduces energy losses

Rs 499Rs 599

Mi Rainbow AAA Alkaline Battery

Cell by Maxell / 7 years extended shelf life / mercury-free cadmium / anti-leakage technology, multiple safety protection / Rainbow design 10 different colors, storage case

Rs 499Rs 599

Mi Car Charger Quick Charge Edition (37W)

Single port 27W fast charge / dual port output / multiple security protections

Rs 1,799Rs 1,999

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera 1080P

Horizontal 360 ° panoramic video, up and down view and upside down, 24-hour video and cloud storage

Rs 5,799Rs 6,499

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera 2340P

Horizontal 360 ° panoramic video, up and down view and upside down, 24-hour video and cloud storage

Rs 7,099Rs 7,399

Mi Smart Camera PTZ Edition

USB-C 100W MAX fast charge / USB-A, USB-C dual-port output / circular colorful light effect display

Rs 5,999Rs 6,499

Mi WiFi Router 4

The Next Era of Gigabit Home WiFi

Rs 4,999Rs 7,500

Mi WiFi Router AC2100

2100M high-speed routing

Rs 6,999Rs 7,500

Redmi WiFi Gigabit Router AC2100

Redmi WiFi Gigabit Router AC2100 2033Mbps wireless speed / 2.4G & 5G dual frequency

Rs 5,999Rs 8,000

Mi WiFi Router CR6608

Dual-core CPU / 4 high-gain antennas / support mesh networking

Rs 9,999Rs 11000

Mi Portable WiFi Adapter

Plug into your computer or laptop and enjoy free WiFi

Rs 1,299Rs 1,499

Mi WiFi Range Extender AC1200

Extend dual band WiFi throughout your home

Rs 3,999Rs 4,299

Yeelight Plug-in Light Sensor Night Light

Plug and play, Always on dual mode, Soft light effect, ultra low energy consumption

Rs 1,299Rs 1,499

Mi Bluetooth MESH Smart LED Light Bulb

The same price, why not Mi MESH Smart Bulb

Rs 1,299Rs 1,499

TDS Water Quality Tester Pen

IPX6 Waterproof Measuring Water Quality Purity Tester

Rs 1,699Rs 1,800

Mi Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Warm or cold, at a glance

Rs 2,999Rs 3,299

Mi Smart WiFi Socket Enhanced Version

Dual USB interface / support BC1.2 protocol / remote control / time switch / electricity statistics

Rs 2,999Rs 3,100

Mi Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Monitor Pro

Temperature and humidity monitoring / e-Ink display / smart interConnect

Rs 2,999Rs 3,100

Mi Smart Multimode Gateway

Intelligent multi-mode gateway

Rs 4,999Rs 5,500

Mi Smart Safe Deposit Box

High-strength material / semiconductor fingerprint / 6 unlocking methods / vibration alarm / duress fingerprint alarm

Rs 38,999Rs 39,999

Mi Deerma Mini Dehumidifier

No consumables dehumidification, 360° comprehensive moisture absorption, wet and dry visualization window, multi-space application

Rs 2,499Rs 3,000

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Main Brush Cover

Sealed treatment, cushion pad reduces damage / sturdy construction, anti-wrap design / one-hand operation, easy to disassembl

Rs 1,600Rs 1,700

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Side Brush

Dynamic speed side brush, sweeping wall, corner dust and trash

Rs 999Rs 1,250

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Virtual Wall

Safe Cleaning Space is UP to You

Rs 1,499Rs 1,700

Mi Bamboo Fiber Desktop Storage Box

Natural bamboo material, divisional design, meet different storage requirements, detachable structure, convenient to clean regularly

Rs 4,499Rs 4,999

LF Magic Touch Max Massager

Pocket Massage Therapist

Rs 2,499Rs 2,999

Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella

One Push Open/Close, Fall in love with the rainy day

Rs 3,499Rs 3,700

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser + Foaming Soap

Antibacterial contactless Soap dispenser

Rs 3,499Rs 4,200

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Refill 3 Bottles (Amino Acid)

Plant-based formula | Gentle and skin-friendly | French LMR plant essence

Rs 1,499Rs 1,850

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Refill 3 Bottles (Anti-Bacterial)

Plant-based formula | Gentle and skin-friendly | French LMR plant essence

Rs 1,499Rs 1,850

Mi Automatic Foaming Cleansing Machine (Set)

Induce foaming, effective oil control, moisturize skin

Rs 3,099Rs 3,399

MIJOY Portable Hand Held Claw Massager

Whole body meridian massage / for different parts / small and light

Rs 499Rs 750

Mi Electric Fabric Shaver

Induce foaming, effective oil control, moisturize skin

Rs 1,499Rs 1,700

InFace Electric Blackhead Remover

Let each pore fall in love with deep breathing

Rs 3,499Rs 4,000

Deerma Smart Shoe Dryer DEM-HX20

Dry Shoes are comfortable to Wear

Rs 5,999Rs 7,499

MINI Head Massager

Enjoy a 3D massage from the beginning

Rs 6,499Rs 7,200

Mi 8H Cool Eye Sleep Mask

Dream anytime, anywhere

Rs 799Rs 1,050

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush T100

Professional high frequency vibration, cleaner way of brushing

Rs 3,499Rs 4,000

Mi Doctor B Toothbrush (Single)

2000 selected soft fur strings, refresh every tooth

Rs 499Rs 650

Mi Dr. Bei Toothbrush Set

2000 selected softer bristles, refresh every tooth

Rs 1,299Rs 1,499

Dr Bei Sonic Electric Toothbrush Head 2 Pack

0.02mm ultra-fine soft hair / Japanese original imported / 99% antibacterial rate

Rs 1,299Rs 1,600

Mi Doctor B Toothbrush (Youth Edition)

Soft hair imported from Japan gently cares for the gums

Rs 299Rs 399

Deerma Automatic Aerosol Dispenser

Aromatherapy Machine

Rs 2,499Rs 2,700

Mi Mosquito Repellent Smart Edition

Mobile phone timing on and off, intelligent mosquito repellent

Rs 2,499Rs 3,000

Deerma Portable Handheld Steam Iron

Foldable handle, easy to carry, steam in 10 seconds, sterilization when steaming, 3 ways to steam

Rs 5,499Rs 5,999

Mi Automatic Fragrance Machine

Automatic spraying / four-stop adjustable / USB charging / microporous atomization / essential oil fragrance formula

Rs 2,799Rs 3,200

Mi Automatic Fragrance Machine Sea Breeze Fragrance

Automatic spraying / four-stop adjustable / USB charging / microporous atomization / essential oil fragrance formula

Rs 1,499Rs 1,901

Mi Automatic Fragrance Machine Magnolia Fragrance

Automatic spraying / four-stop adjustable / USB charging / microporous atomization / essential oil fragrance formula

Rs 1,499Rs 1,901

Mi Automatic Fragrance Machine Cedar Fragrance

Automatic spraying / four-stop adjustable / USB charging / microporous atomization / essential oil fragrance formula

Rs 1,499Rs 1,901

Mijia Electric Water Kettle

An easy, attractive way to heat water in no time

Rs 3,499Rs 4,000

Mi Automatic Water Dispenser

Water is pumped a just one touch

Rs 2,499Rs 2,999

Mi Kitchen Electric Blender & Juicer

Mi circle kitchen electric blender and juicer, 8 seconds fast operation, triple lock design, easy to carry

Rs 5,999Rs 6,999

Mi Rollerball Sign Pen Ink Refill

0.5mm high precision tungsten carbide beads

Rs 499Rs 550

Kaco Lemo Stapler

Bottom staples storage, low staple indicator, holds up to 100 staples, sleek finish for a professional appearance in any setting

Rs 849Rs 950

Kaco Lemo Tape Dispenser Set

Neatly cut, non-slip base, simple design, save effort and effort

Rs 1,199Rs 1,500

Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Remodeling Fashion

Rs 5,999Rs 6,800

Mi Geek Shoulder Backpack

Ergonomic geometric structure, S-shape adjustable shoulder straps / safety reflective material / visible to oncoming traffic / water-repellent fabric

Rs 12,999Rs 14,000

Mi Mini Compact Backpack

4 grade water repellent, 10L capacity, light weight, YKK zipper

Rs 999Rs 1,349

Mi Multifunction Earphones Storage Box

Dust and pressure resistant, waterproof zipper, elastic mesh, light and portable, excellent material, stylish and generous, good quality

Rs 1,799Rs 3,300

Bcase TITA X Temporary Parking Sign

Protect privacy, large numbers, fluorescent numbers, night owls available, magnetic splicing is convenient

Rs 999Rs 1,250

Air Force Car Air Outlet Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy tablets with solid essential oils to effectively decompose odors, improve the interior environment and make the interior space more comfortable

Rs 1,199Rs 1,499

MIJOY Car Diffuser Aromatherapy

Retro record style, the incense piece rotates with the wind, which adds to the interest in life

Rs 1,999Rs 2,300

Mi Multifunctional Sports Chest Bag

Four-layered space / can hold a kettle / lightweight and skin-friendly wear-resistant back pair / trendy and simple design

Rs 2,399Rs 2,750

Mi Touch Display Vacuum Insulated Mug

Stainless steel bottle body, Touch interactive OLED display, Keeps cold & warm for 6 hours, (Comes with silicone strap in new batches)

Rs 4,999Rs 5,999

YIJIE Time Delay Spray Bottle

Fine atomization, easy pressing, time-lapse spray, environmental friendly bottle

Rs 799Rs 999

Mi Electric Screwdriver

5N.m high torque / 2000mAh large capacity battery / 12 S2 steel bits / integrated storage

Rs 6,499Rs 7,000

Tonfon Rechargeable 12V Drill

European quality, more battery life, multi-range adjustment, safe and durable

Rs 7,999Rs 9,500

AKKU 600W Impact Drill Toolbox

600W high power, household toolbox set, multifunctional hardware tools, 52-piece set

Rs 12,999Rs 15,000

Jiuxun 90 in 1 Household ToolKit

Selected high quality materials, carefully forged, creative design, made for daily household use

Rs 5,999Rs 8,000

Beevest Ultra-thin Rechargeable Lighter

Safe fire, electric ignition, USB charging, exquisite feel

Rs 1,299Rs 1,499

Mi CIGA Design MY Series Mechanical Watch

German iF Design Gold Award, Hollow Mechanical Aesthetics

Rs 33,999Rs 35,000