Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Fitness, hear rate and sleep tracker
OLED display, view time, step count, heart rate

Rs 5000
Rs 4400

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Power Bank

10000mAh Mobile Power Bank

Aluminum casing with battery cell
Technologies from LG and Samsung

Rs 2000
Rs 1750

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10400mAh Mobile Power Bank
  • 16000mAh Power Bank

    Double USB Outputs
    Super-sized capacity

    Rs 2800

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    16000mAh Power Bank
  • 10000mAh Power Bank

    Support USB Type-C
    Ultra Slim 12.58mm

    Rs 3200

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    10000mAh Power Bank
  • 5000mAh Power Bank

    ATL/Lishen lithium-ion battery
    Slim 9.9mm aluminum case

    Rs 1500

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    5000mAh Power Bank
  • 20000mAh Power Bank

    Panasonic / LG battery
    Dual USB Ports

    Rs 3500

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    20000mAh Power Bank

Life Style

YI Action Camera

Full HD 1080p Videos |16 MP Photos | Ultra-wide angle lens

Rs 8700

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YI Action Camera
  • Yeelight Bedside Lamp

    Unique design lamp | Multiple lighting mode

    Rs 6200

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    Yeelight Bedside Lamp
  • Metal Style Mouse Pad

    Ultra-slim, fashion-design

    Rs 2200

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    Metal Style Mouse Pad
  • Mi Bluetooth Gamepad

    Double motor vibration, three-axle G-Sensor

    Rs 2900

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    Mi Bluetooth Gamepad
  • USB LED Light

    Adjustable lighting | Small and portable | 50% brighter

    Rs 500

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    USB LED Light

Smart Devices

Water Quality TDS Tester Pen

Accurate test the purity of the water
Customized for the health of your family

Rs 850

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Water Quality TDS Tester Pen
  • iHealth BP Monitor

    High blood pressure can kill - keep tabs on your blood pressure using your phone

    Rs SOLD

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    Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Mi Mosquito Repeller

    Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes With MI Portable Mosquito Repeller

    Rs 900

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    Mi Mosquito Repeller
  • Router Youth Edition

    802.11n mainstream set | Superstrong signal | Smart router system | Chip level signal enhancement

    Rs 2100

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    Router Youth Edition
  • Xiaomi Smart Scale

    Record your daily weight data clearly, let you know your weight change

    Rs 3999

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    Xiaomi Smart Scale


  • Android Fast Charger 5V 2A

    Fast Charger 5V 2A

    Rs 1150

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  • Mi Earphones

    Mi Earphones

    Starting from Rs 750

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  • Car Charger Metal Style

    Car Charger Metal

    Rs 1500

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  • Mi 4 Ports USB Charger

    Mi 4 Ports USB Charger

    Rs 1450

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  • Mi Power Strip 3 USB

    Mi Power Strip 3 USB

    Rs 1300

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  • ROIDMI Car Charger

    ROIDMI Car Charger

    Rs SOLD

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  • Portable USB Fan

    Portable USB Fan

    Rs 400

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  • Screen Protector Note 3

    Screen Protector Note 3

    Rs 850

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