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Mi Gaming Keyboard

104 RGB backlight keys | Made for gamers

RGB Symphony Backlight |Aluminum Cover|Custom TTC Shaft axis
Rs 6500

RGB dynamic light effect, high performance & more brilliant

The simple design an organic combination of metal and ABS plastic creates the game artifact. The versatile RGB dynamic
lighting effect is dazzling, inspiring the desire to fight and helping you to gain more powerful game performance.

Aluminum alloy cover with superior texture

The metal cover of the Xiaomi gaming keyboard is made of 5052 Korean aluminum by stamping, grinding, CNC, sand blasting, anodizing and laser engraving. It is integrated with the black body. The full metal texture greatly enhances the value of the keyboard and the touch is more delicate and comfortable.

Two-color injection molded light-
emitting keycaps for durability

Two-color injection molded keycaps made of PBT, PC and other materials are more durable, and each keycap can withstand the wear & tear. The characters are light-transmissive and not easy to ignore, no matter whether the keyboard is on or off.

The button arrangement is ergonomic and usage is more comfortable.

The arrangement of the buttons is ergonomically designed to match the angle of each finger and the typing is more comfortable,
allowing you to have a better experience and perform better in the game.

New axle body shaft for a new feel

Under each button of the Xiaomi gaming keyboard, there is a new independent game feel
shaft developed in cooperation with TTC. The triggering force of new shaft is between the
classic red axis and the classic black axis. The total stroke is 3mm which is more
comfortable for gaming.

Quick response with 32-bit ARM master

The Xiaomi gaming keyboard uses Sonix 32-bit ARM master MCU with 48M clock speed and the rate of return is 1000Hz. It can quickly process all kinds of data, so that the player's intense gaming use can be quickly responded.

  • ARM
  • 1000Hz
  • No left hand rush

Born for gamers, 33 keys respond at same time

Advanced players can get a bigger advantage with multi-button operation. The Xiaomi gaming keyboard supports
up to 33 keys response at the same time, allowing you to use multiple key operations to win the opportunity.

Two foot pads options to help game performance

We offer high and low two sets of foot pads, allowing players to choose the keyboard angle
according to their need and get a better gaming experience.

Keyboard combination key functions and light effects
Key combinations Features Description
Light mode switching RGB Wave → RGB Ripples → RGB Chase → RGB Breath → Normal Monochrome → Random Change in Zone 5 → Random Change in Single Zone → Single Light Zone Change → Light zone Superposition → Light Zone Collision → Single Zone Lighting → Bounce Mode → Blink Color → Passion Mode
Color switching in current mode Red → Green → Blue → Yellow → Purple → Ice Blue → White
Speed up the light effect Total 5-block adjustable, default in-block
Slows down light effect Total 5-block adjustable, default in-block
Increase brightness 0% → 25% → 50% → 75% → 100%
Reduce brightness 100% → 75% → 50% → 25% → 0%
Win key enable or disable Press the disable Win key function for the first time, press the Enable Win key function again.
Restore factory mode Press and hold for 5 seconds to restore the factory mode

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