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One click to beautify the song

Six sound modes

Eliminate the original vocal

High sensitivity microphone

40mm large moving coil

High definition recording

Karaoke APP

Cirrus Logic Tri-Core DSP

Beautify the song with a single button

“Making sound good”
at the touch of a button

Touch of a button, the headphone will convert the
raw vocal into a produced song complete with
harmonies and instrumental backing

Come with the highest quality
chipset, vivid reverberation

3 reverbs in the mix to get a small, medium, large
space karaoke songs and a no reverberation to
meet different needs of karaoke songs

Change sound with a touch of button

It's fun to freely change to one
of the 6 various voice modes

Easy switching between original, female, male, child,
electro-audio and robotic voice like a live magic

Drop original vocal with one click!

Drop the original vocal in seconds

Find the song you want to sing and the original
vocal can be eliminated with one click!

*Only support Mi Bluetooth Headset (KTV Version)

High definition recording
Single button recording, choose to mix the dry signal, wet signal or
the mix of the two, whether you want the original dry sound, or the
processed wet sound, you can master it with a press of a button

Xiaomi KTV Song APP

Used with the Xiaomi KTV song app,
it is more powerful and simpler

*Only support Mi Bluetooth Headset (KTV Version)

(condenser) microphone
The 9.9mm high-sensitivity condenser microphone has a high
signal-to-noise ratio, and the voice is clear and unambiguous,
recording every detail of the sound

Heart-shaped microphone

It can effectively isolate excess ambient noise
and has good echo cancellation

40mm dynamic speaker
low-balanced, rich in details
The PU+PET composite diaphragm is used for low frequency, deep dive, high frequency clear and transparent,
and rich in details. At the same time, the magnet of the horn is NdFeB, and the magnetic force is 10 times
stronger than that of the ordinary magnet, which provides long-lasting and powerful power for the horn
Cirrus Logic
Tri-Core Audio Processing DSP
Cirrus Logic hardware enabled with SoundClear® technology for wireless enabled headphone
applications delivers clear, reliable and consistent hi-fi audio performance
Listening back to singing
The Bluetooth version and the wired version have ear-to-ear
tracking as low as 6ms. While listening to your own voice,
you can adjust it at any time to make the song more pleasant

Mi Wired Headphone (KTV Version)

Rs 6500
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Mi Bluetooth Headphone (KTV Version)

Rs 9000
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1. The nominal impedance measurement data is from Shenzhen Quality Inspection Institute, Report Number: 19960
2. Charging time, and other data is from Life Measures Shenzhen Quality Inspection Institute, Report No: WT196000094
3. Started means the function of eliminating the original sound needs to be opened by the app.
4. Only the Mi Bluetooth Headphone (KTV Version) has an AUX interface.
5. Only the Mi Bluetooth Headphone (KTV Version) has long press "original vocal switch" function.

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