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Mi Kitchen Appliances

Mi Smart Electric Water Kettle

Smart Electric Water Kettle 304 Stainless Steel 12hrs Temperature Control Time

Rs 12,999

Mi Deerma Stainless Steel Meat...

Stainless steel casing, 360° grounding, 400W pure copper motor and triple shockproof double-layer lancet design and rotates at high speed to form a three-dimensional vortex angle

Rs 9,999

Mi Kitchen Electric Blender & ...

Mi circle kitchen electric blender and juicer, 8 seconds fast operation, triple lock design, easy to carry

Rs 9,999

Pinlo Multifunctional Small Mi...

30000 rotating speed / six knives smash / safe pressing start / mini & portable design

Rs 7,850

Mi Automatic Water Dispenser

Adapt to mainstream barreled water bottles, quick water discharge at one touch, simple and stylish appearance

Rs 4,899

Mi Water Electric Kettle 1A

1.5L large capacity / 1800W high power, fast boil / double layer structure inside and outside, hollow thermal insulation / British brand thermostat / anti-shock design / 304 stainless steel integrated seamless liner, hygienic / large diameter design, easi

Rs 6,499

Mi Smart Dishwasher

Easy installation, no need for major kitchen renovation / disinfection and washing function designed for pregnant mothers and baby tableware's / high temperature sterilization at 75 °C, sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%.

Rs 68,000

Mi Smart Multifunctional Healt...

1000W heating power / 10-speed power adjustment / App network control / smart online recipes

Rs 10,999

Xiaomi Pinlo Toaster

Double-slot double-sided baking | Uniform heating on both sides | 6 modes of time adjustment

Rs 7,499

Mijia Smart Electric Pressure ...

One pot and two pots, no smell | 9 gears to adjust the taste | 24-hour smart reservation | APP smart recipes | cloud recipes for one-key cooking | manual exhaust button, not easy to burn

Rs 32,999

Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L

Healthier cooking with less oil and low-fat

Rs 29,499

Xiaomi Smart Blender

8-Blade Multi-Angle Chopping | Hot and Cold Dual-mode Blending | 9 Adjustable Speed Settings | Up to 4-Hour Insulation Under Keep Warm Mode | Smart Online Recipes

Rs 27,999

Xiaomi Portable Juicer Cup 300...

304 stainless steel 4-blade knife head | Quickly fruit squeezed in just 35s

Rs 7,499

Xiaomi Six Percent Slide Cover...

Wall hanging without bending, sliding cover opening and closing, large diameter convenient and hygienic

Rs 6,999

Xiaomi Thermostatic Electric K...

Smart screen display | Real-time temperature display | tap water | pure water double boiling water mode | 4-stage heat preservation mode | 12h appointment | 1.5L large capacity

Rs 10,999

Mijia Thermostatic Electric Ke...

Light sound boiling water | SCR silent heat preservation | Smart LED screen display, 0-100°C stepless temperature adjustment | Multi-mode boiling water

Rs 18,999

Xiaomi Funjia Thermal Insulati...

316 stainless steel is safe and corrosion-resistant | ultra-light and thin | one cup for two drinks | long-term heat preservation

Rs 6,999

MIIIW Wall Mount Folding Food ...

Multi-layer stacking | Hanging dual-use without punching

Rs 6,999

Mi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L

Visual Cooking丨4L Large Capacity丨APP Cloud Recipe丨Smart Interconnection|Food Contact Grade Non-stick Coating

Rs 37,999

Mi Smart Air Fryer 4L

Electronic temperature control | 4L/2L variable capacity | Healthy, oil-free and low-fat | Multifunctional cooking | Xiaoai voice control

Rs 32,499

Mi Smart Multifunctional Cooki...

1000W fast heating and high power | Steaming, stewing and stewing | enjoy rich and delicious food | Portable split structure | OLED knob large screen | Popular Internet celebrity recipes

Rs 18,999

Xiaomi HOTO Smart Kitchen Scal...

Accurate weighing | Access to Mijia data records | Recipe photo sharing | Hand-made coffee assistant

Rs 6,999

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