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Mi Kitchen Appliances

Mi Smart Electric Water Kettle

Smart Electric Water Kettle 304 Stainless Steel 12hrs Temperature Control Time

Rs 7,500

Mi Deerma Stainless Steel Meat...

Stainless steel casing, 360° grounding, 400W pure copper motor and triple shockproof double-layer lancet design and rotates at high speed to form a three-dimensional vortex angle

Rs 9,500

Onemoon 2L Air Fryer

Air is the new oil! Fry and cook healthier food, say goodbye to oily foods, fastest and most even cooking thanks to the unique design of the onemoon air fryer

Rs 12,000

Mi Kitchen Electric Blender & ...

Mi circle kitchen electric blender and juicer, 8 seconds fast operation, triple lock design, easy to carry

Rs 6,999

Pinlo Multifunctional Small Mi...

30000 rotating speed / six knives smash / safe pressing start / mini & portable design

Rs 7,850

Mi Automatic Water Dispenser

Adapt to mainstream barreled water bottles, quick water discharge at one touch, simple and stylish appearance

Rs 2,999

Deerma Foldable Electric Kettl...

EU certified silicone, digital touch screen, collapsible body, boiled water and chlorine removal

Rs 8,000

Mi Water Electric Kettle 1A

1.5L large capacity / 1800W high power, fast boil / double layer structure inside and outside, hollow thermal insulation / British brand thermostat / anti-shock design / 304 stainless steel integrated seamless liner, hygienic / large diameter design, easi

Rs 3,800

Mi Portable 350mL Juicer

Portable, 350mL capacity, food grade stainless steel cutter head, strong high-speed motor power, extremely fast juice, 2 hours fast charge, 15 cups can be squeezed on a single charge

Rs 4,199

Mi Smart Dishwasher

Easy installation, no need for major kitchen renovation / disinfection and washing function designed for pregnant mothers and baby tableware's / high temperature sterilization at 75 °C, sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%.

Rs 68,000

Pinlo Multifunctional Sandwich...

Easy to use / large sandwich plate / thermostatic control / removable and washable plates / double-sided heating / compact design

Rs 9,500

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