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Mi Mini Remote Control Drone

Unleash your creativity

Rs 9999

* This drone is suitable for pilots aged 14 years or elder.

  • Infrared Battle
  • Precision Hover
  • 360° Aerial Trick
  • 720P HD Aerial

Our controls are so simple that it is easy for
beginners to pick up in a snap. With just one button
on our Mi Drone remote control or app, send the
drone to flight, land, return.

  • 1 Key Landing / Take-off
  • 50m Remote Control
  • 25m Drone Flying Altitude

Fly Beyond Imagination

Mi Mini Drone not only has outstanding flight performance, but
also has a variety of control modes and gameplay to meet your
needs, we will bring your imagination to life.

  • Headless Mode
    Headless Mode

    By using Headless, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction. The direction will be the same as your remote controller.

  • Gravity Sensor Mode
    Gravity Sensor Mode

    The Gravity Sensor Mode enables the drone to automatically follow the way you move your smartphone.

  • Quick Launch
    Quick Launch

    Just throw it in the air and you’re ready to go! makes flying easier than ever before with one touch take off, landing.

  • 360° Flips
    360° Flips

    A key for 360° rolling, perfect and marvelous performance will be found with continuous rolling.

Full of technology

4 Core™ processor, 5 sensors

The Mi Mini Drone is equipped with a 4-core 1.2G SOC processor that can quickly process data collected by multi-sensors such as ultrasonic, pressure sensor, and optical flow sensors. Coupled with the independent shock absorber structure design of the fuselage, It can achieve fixed altitude and precise hovering, with a stable flight and accurate heading. The battery capacity is 920mAh giving users a flight time of up to 10 minutes.

A lively air battle

(IR) Battle mode

Perfect for drone enthusiasts & gamers who
love to battle, Variety of gameplay for you to
have fun, The Mi mini drone is equipped with
infrared transmitters/receivers and an innovative
flight control system that uses sensor fusion
technology so you can enjoy ultimate control
while flying your drone with friends.

* With two drones, you can engage in battles through a control app on your smartphone. Every time a drone is "hit" by an infrared shot, the controller will vibrate and make a sound while simultaneously decreasing its life energy, giving you and your friends an incredibly realistic battle experience.

HD Wi-Fi Video Transmission
Fly farther, see more

Mi Mini Drone adopts high-frequency 5.8GHz WiFi transmission with excellent bandwidth, low latency
and strong anti-interference technology, 50m for FPV HD video transmission. Equipped with 720P HD
camera, built in 4 GB of internal storage let you save photos and videos directly to the drone.

  • 5.8GHz High-Frequency Wi-Fi
  • FPV HD Live Transmission
  • 1600 x 1200 Image Resolution
  • 1280 x 720 Video Resolution

Lightweight body
Shock-absorbent properties

The distance between propellers is only 11cm and weighs only
88g, with its aerodynamic, lightweight, and slick design, It
soars through the air with minimal wind resistance.

High strength body structure

The appearance of the drone is simple and unique. Superior structural design and machining process make all joints of the
body close together. It also uses a unique integrated frame structure design that takes into account the strength and weight
of the drone. The body is made of a special composite material with low density and high toughness. The propeller
incorporates a super-tough composite material that is not easily broken and is more durable.

Fly with a Bluetooth Gamepad
Get your game on

Want to experience more fun? Pair you Mi Drone with Bluetooth game controller for amazing
experience, Bluetooth game controller has 3-axis G sensor which deliver shocks with dual-motor
vibration. It comes with more than 360 days stand by time and an ergonomic design.

* All data are provided by Feimi lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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