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Smartmi breathlite
Anti-smog mask
3 pack
Both functional and fashionable
PM 2.5 filtration with 97% efficiency 360° fully closed comfortable fit
3D skeleton "light breathing" space TPU elastic membrane for full comfort
Rs 2,999
Unimpeded, easy breathing
Confront smog head on. Open the door and go outside without any fear. The Smartmi Breathlite Anti-smog Mask possesses a KN95 high efficiency filtration rating, while also being rated for a filtration level effective against over 97%*1 of PM 2.5 pollutants. By using a 3D split-design vaulted skeleton for full facial contact, the utilization area of filter material is close to 100%. The mask can be used even while exercising.
Filtration efficiency
More than 97%*1
Full skin contact
Pressure-free design
Effective barrier against
bacteria 0.3 μm or larger*2
Inhalation resistance
≦ 100 Pa
Highly efficient anti-smog fashion statement
The Smartmi Breathlite Anti-smog Mask has been personalized for your own use, the 3D split-design vaulted skeleton can be easily dismantled, and its fashionable streamlined appearance and meticulous attention to detail give a modern feel while also protecting you against harmful smog.
智米轻呼吸防霾口罩 Recommended for 10 hours of cumulative use
Do face masks usually leave you feeling stuffy and uncomfortable? The Smartmi Breathlite Anti-smog Mask’s 3D vaulted skeleton and breathable materials create nearly 200 cm3 of adequate breathing space, letting you breath in fresh air unobstructed.

Highly breathable and clean

Easy breathing
3D split-design vaulted skeleton
Weightless as it rests on your face
With only 5.7g of weight, the 3D vaulted skeleton makes high-density PE materials a strong support, preventing folding and crumpling as seen in traditional masks and making better use of the filtration material, bringing you natural air to breath in.
Larger-caliber cool flow exhalation valve
Say bye bye to stuffiness
With an outside diameter of 40mm, the large-caliber cool flow exhalation valve makes air flow even more smoothly with a 0.3mm ultra-thin silicon gel sheet that allows the mask to quickly revert to its original shape. The mask is air-tight, protecting your breathing space and bringing cool, fresh comfort in an instant, allowing you to experience natural, easy breathing.
5-layered highly efficient filter purifies air layer by layer
The 5-layered high-efficiency filtration uses eco-friendly polyurethane foam materials to effectively filter dust, pollen, and other significant pollutants. The dual-layered smelt blown HEPA ultra-fine fiber weaving is effective against bacteria, fine particles and PM 2.5 pullutants with an efficiency of over 97%, fully compliant with GB/T 32610 - 2016 National Standards *1.
Fine particles
PM 2.5
360° fully closed comfortable design
The high efficiency filter forms an effective barrier against pollutants. The 3D vaulted skeleton has been designed with the complexities of your facial structure in mind. 360° fully closed comfortable design effectively stops air leakage and prevents lenses fogging while wearing glasses.
TPU elastic membrane composite superfine sponge
More comfortable the longer you wear it
The Smartmi Breathlite Anti-smog Mask’s innovative TPU elastic film is integrated with memory foam, which can adjust to your facial structure. The longer you wear it, the more comfortable it is. It effectively removes discomfort during prolonged use.
智米轻呼吸防霾口罩 Comfortable ear loops
智米轻呼吸防霾口罩 Tensile strength
智米轻呼吸防霾口罩 Flexible fit
Food grade high quality materials offer close protection
The more personal it is, the more important no harm to your body becomes. We use food grade high quality materials and strictly prohibit chemical agents during manufacturing, making the entire product safer, more eco-friendly, and devoid of any harmful gases, giving you the safest, closest protection available.
*1: Mask dimensions are 150mm x 160mm x 65mm and this mask is suitable for most of the adults in Pakistan.
*2: Data comes from National Institute of Labor Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, entirely compliant with GB/T 32610 - 2016 Daily Protective Mask Standards. Report number: No. 2017 (dust) - 583.
*3: Data comes from Smartmi labs using German-imported equipment and according to the new national standards of testing.

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