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Mi Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad

Practical Mousemats Office Supplies

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Original Xiaomi Aluminum Mouse Pad

Forget about old mouse pad that does not match the beauty of original Xiaomi laser cut aluminum mousepad which is very smooth to use. For firm grip mouse pad has rubber surface on bottom that will make sure it won’t slip during your intense gaming sessions. You will get best speed while maneuvering your mouse on metal pad. This mouse pad won’t lose its beauty with time as it won’t get disgusting with sweat and grime like other mouse pads, one swipe of wet cloth and its shinny surface will welcome you.

Strong and durable

Its made of aluminum so you can expect some great durability. It is not easy to become worn out. It has special texture and with slim 3mm it’s the most elegant mouse pad you will ever come across.

Order now and get with COD in Pakistan

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Xiaomi Metal Style Aluminum Mouse Pad Xiaomi Metal Style Aluminum Mouse Pad Xiaomi Metal Style Aluminum Mouse Pad Xiaomi Metal Style Aluminum Mouse Pad Xiaomi Metal Style Aluminum Mouse Pad Xiaomi Metal Style Aluminum Mouse Pad
  • Mi Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad
    • Product Name: Mi Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad
    • Type: Mousepad
    • Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Min. size: 240 x 180
    • Max. size: 300 x 240

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Mi Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad

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Mi Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad

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Mi Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad
Mi Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad

Rs 2,000

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Mi Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad

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