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Mi 4 Ports USB Charger
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4 USB Interface 2A fast charge total 35W power multiple layers of security lightweight and portable design

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USB charger 4 ports, Original Xiaomi Mi 4-in-1 USB Charger

As many smart devices use USB charging, you always struggle with charger available, even if you have multiple chargers its too bulky and you need multiple ports to use chargers, and that gets really hard when you are travelling, in hotel or hostel so you can’t afford all of this hassle, so we bring you 100% original Xiaomi 4 ports charger that will make your life easier,hassle free and safer.


Xiaomi added protection in charger for your safety with high precision current limit chip and V0 grade fire proof material with short circuit protection, static electricity, input & output current control and overvoltage protection.

Compact performer

This small charger with 4 USB ports weigh only 110 g, and get more compact with its rotatable PIN design, it comes with round corners and water proof design, Input voltage is AC100-240V and voltage frequency is 50/60Hz.

Quick charging & 4 ports to save your time

Get this amazing time saving device that is packed with features with COD in Pakistan , We offer 100% original Xiaomi Mi products at the lowest price in Pakistan.

Xiaomi Mi 4 Ports USB Charger:
  • 4 x 4 USB Interfaces
  • USB 2A Fast Charge
  • Total 35W Output Power
  • Multiple Layers of Security
  • Lightweight Portable Design


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  • Mi 4 Ports USB Charger
    • Product Name: Mi 4 Ports USB Charger
    • Type: Charger
    • Material: Fireproof material
    • Weight: 110g
    • Compatibility: with all the mainstream mobile phone
    • Dimensions: 65mm * 61.8mm * 28mm
    • Input voltage: AC 100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz 1.0A
    • Output voltage: DC 5.0V / 7.0A Single Port 5.0v / 2.4A
    • Standards: GB17625.1 ~ 2012
    • Product no: CDQ01ZM
    • Security level: Overvoltage Protection
    • Temperature resistance: up to 750 ℃

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Mi 4 Ports USB Charger
Mi 4 Ports USB Charger

Rs 1800

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Mi 4 Ports USB Charger

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