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Play with a new upgrade, a small step forward

Dragon Cloth New Material / 3D Giant Screen Theater / Open Mobile Phone Space

Rs 2350

Craftsmanship with big dreams

“Explore the new world”

30 Grams Lighter

with upgraded exquisite appearance.
New dragon cloth material, light and comfortable

Explore the secrets of new VR

  • Dragon cloth

    Comfortable, breathable, anti-static

  • Open compartment

    More space to accelerate cooling

  • High elastic band

    Durable sporty grade material

  • Microporous foam

    Increase ventilation and comfort

Apple & Smasung
Supports all mainstream SMARTPHONES

Mi VR PLAY2 is compatible with all Apple & Android mobile phones.

* Recommended mobile phone size 4.7-5.7-inch for best experience.

VR goggles up!

Cinema theatres are not the only way to supersize your viewing experience. With
Mi VR Play, all you need is a compatible smartphone and optional headphones to
awaken the senses. Explore this next-level reality from the comfort of your living room.

Soft, wearable design

  • Diffuse reflection technology to reduce external noise interference

  • Lightproof, soft veneer to create a closed viewing space

  • Aspherical lens ultra-small tolerance, improve picture clarity

360° videos on YouTube

Stunning 4K panoramic videos, music videos, livestreams, and more.
With hundreds of videos and counting, YouTube has a massive, fast growing
360° content library on both official and user channels.

Mars is not far away

Enhance your child learning experience embark on a space mission with Mi VR Play 2. Fully immerse with our system-level optimizations and explore Mars at a whole new level.

Advanced and refined design

From the moment you pick up VR, you'll feel and see the attention to
detail that has gone into its design and construction. Customisable,
comfortable, adaptable and beautiful, VR is technology and design as
remarkable as the experiences it enables.

Step into VR PLAY 2

VR Play 2 is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Whether you're stepping into your favourite game, watching an immersive VR film, jumping to a destination on the other side of the world or just spending time with friends in VR, you'll feel like you're really there.

  • January

    Best game experience VR equipment of the year
    17173 Game Billboard VR Awards

  • February

    Enterprise class VR / AR hardware award of the year
    2017 The first Gold Gyro award

  • March

    Best Hardware Enterprise Award
    GMGC Global Mobile Game Conference VR Forum

  • April

    2016 annual VR / AR field best hardware award
    Global virtual reality Industry summit

  • May

    Best Industry Leadership Award
    2017 Chengdu Joint Meeting

Field of view FOV 93°
Lens type Aspherical lenses
Lens coating No coating
Adjust data
Pupil distance / Material distance 62mm / 45mm
Phone compatibility Recommended mobile phone size 4.7-5.7-inch with 1080P resolution for best experience
Dragon cloth PC / ABS + high elastic cotton + high elastic nylon headband
Package contents
Mi VR Play 2 1
Head strap 1

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