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YEELIGHT Lightstrip (Color)

Beyond illumination, the ultimate magician of lighting
Flexible|Million colors|Wi-Fi enabled
Rs 3650
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Works with MIJIA
  • Works with IFTTT
  • Open API Supported

Flexible PU gel design

With the mercury-free soft PU gel, it is easy to bend the lightstrip and
fit your furniture.

Easy to insall

Adhesive tape on the back, designed for your easy installing.

DIY your home with color

Thanks to the flexibility, it allows to attach the lightstrip to anywhere you want, such as behind the TV, under the sofa, around the artwork, under the bed, and etc. With the indrect light, your home will be decorated to what you want.

Remove adhesive tap, and paste it

We provide you a plug and play product, just remove the back
adhesive tape, and past it to wherever you like. It is easy to use and fast
to change you living atmosphere.

* You can easily install with 3M Adhesive, Always use easy peel surface to avoid surface damage.

Dance with light and music

Combine your favorite music with family lighting, feel the
rhythm of light. Download YEELIGHT APP, get party
started with YEELIGHT lightstrip.

Just one button, get special scene

You can switch the lightstrip on or off by pushing the button, or change the color by long pressing. It’s very useful at night, because you are too sleepy to find your smart phone for control.

Automated with other devices

The lightstrip can be intergraded with Xiaomi eco-system, and
co-work with other devices.

Switch lighting from preset scenes

From blue to orange, night light to high brightness, just use
preseted scenes in YEELIGHT APP. It provides you a fast way to get
the color you like, and also you can put one into your favorites.

Your romantic moments, just a color lightstrip

At everywhere in your home, just using a lightstip, the colorful light builds your romantic space.

More features, more happiness

* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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