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Essential for good health
16 Users Data | 10 body statistics | HD LED Display | Data Analysis
Rs 3500

17 body statistics,all at once.

Monitor your weight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Rate, Bone Mass, Body Water
and BMR by the technology of BIA (Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis)

  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Body Fat
  • Muscle
  • Bone Mass
  • Water
  • BMR
  • Body Age
  • Visceral Fat
  • Protein
  • Fat Mass
  • FFM
  • Body type
  • Body Score
  • Fat level
  • Normal weight
  • BMI
Bluetooth version
Low-power Bluetooth 4.0
simple connection and excellent
compatibility with TI Bluetooth chip.
WIFI version
WiFi / Bluetooth dual-mode
YUNMAI Cloud, providing you
fabulous using experience.
Connect in 1.9S! How fast!
By using TI CC2541 low-power
Bluetooth chip, YUNMAI 2 ensures
safer and faster data transfer speed
with excellent compatibility.
Bluetooth 4.0
Ultra-low power
Wireless sync by WiFi
Equipped with TI (Texas Instruments)
CC3200 WiFi chip to connect to
YUNMAI Cloud, providing you
fabulous using experience.
Real-time cloud sync
Stable & efficient transfer
Intelligent identification
New construction, perhaps a work of art
YUNMAI mini 2 chooses Eco-friendly, organic polymer material and steel-
framed hybrid structure to ensure more sturdy body frame. It is not
simply the exterior that is differentiated with traditional scales, but all the
other traits are renewed from top to bottom.
  • Weight Trend
  • Dietary Records
  • Fitness
  • Multi-user
The first ever intelligent
physical examination
Everytime you stand on YUNMAI, YUNMAI intelligent stats
cloud will evaluate and grade your physical condition, and
offer advice for improvement.
YUNMAI also keeps track of your body statistics, which you
can read in the briefings anytime you want. It knows you
better than yourself.
  • March 7
  • March 14
  • March 21
  • March 28
  • April 3
Data Cloud
All user data is stored in YUNMAI Data Cloud to
analyze individual body condition and give
healthy suggestions. This system is also safe
enough for your information.
New Body Fat Detect Mode
With BIA chip and biological resistance measurement method together with YUNMAI Health Data Cloud, every measurement is compared and analyzed among the database of YUNMAI to achieve a more precise result than any time before.
Stainless steel metal electrode
Yunmai scale mini 2 uses 304L stainless steel metal electrodes, compared to the other types of bio-coated electrode pads or aluminum electrode pads, measurements are more accurate, better antioxidant capacity. 4 eye-catching round metal electrode, for the accurate measurement, when the user steps barefooted on the electrode it can accurately measure the body fat and other parameters.
More than Extraordinary
Scale mini 2 deserts traditional display screen by using concealed LED,
bringing fantastic and delicate visual effect. This outstanding design can not
only better show your weight and body fat, but also “Say Hello”to users smartly.
Ultra Battery Endurance
of 365+ Days
YUNMAI mini 2 uses power control chip of Texas
Instruments to make it possible to sustain power for
about 365 days with 3 standard AA batteries.
Yunmai mini 2
Yunmai mini
Innovation from Top to Bottom
Designed to be dominated by security. Yunmai mini scale 2 with round corners and feet pad designed to increase the safety of the machine. Corner of large angle design is not only beautiful but also enhance the safety of household, edges and smooth, to prevent the risk of a cut hand and bruises.
The most incredible one!
WiFi chip of TI (Texas Instrument Inc.), and build-in
encryption engine ensure data safety and connection speed of as low as 95
milliseconds. Furthermore, Scale 2 mini with CC2541 bluetooth chip and
HTI45F75 Fat detecting chip, is a real collection of high technology.
  • Take control of your body
    Physical report
    Your 17 body measurements are displayed as a single graph to showcase trends over several periods of time.
Get Everyone Involved - Health Analytics For
The Entire Family
Everyone in your home has individual and unique health goals. YUNMAI Smart
Scales provides 16 user profiles to personalize your health experience. You can
also create a Guest Mode to share your health experience with friends.
Size & Weight
  • Weight

    Weight Range: 3kg~180kg, Unit: Kg/Lb, Accuracy 0.1kg

    Record your daily weight, so you can clearly see your own transformation process.

    Body Fat

    Measurement Range: 5~75% , Accuracy: 0.1%

    Determines the portion of fat to the total body weight.

  • Water

    Measurement Range: 15~70% , Accuracy: 0.1%

    The percentage of body water in total body weight is usually around 60%~70%.YUNMAI Smart Scale can measure changes in your body water every day.


    Accuracy: 0.1%

    Proteins are the main building block of the body. They are used to make muscles, tendons, organs, and skin. The percentage of protein in total body weight is around 18%.

  • Body Age

    Accuracy: 1~3 years old

    Your fitness age is estimated by all your body measurement statistics.

    Body Mass Index

    Accuracy: 0.1

    Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation of a person’s weight-to-height ratio. BMI can be used to determine weight-related health risk.

  • Lean Body Mass Percentage

    Measurement Range: 15~70% , Accuracy: 0.1%

    Lean body mass consists of your bones, ligaments, tendons, internal organs and muscles – the body weight minus the fat weight.

    Bone Mass

    Accuracy: 0.1kg

    The weight of bone issue of the body composition.

  • Visceral Fat

    Measurement Range: 1~30

    Unlike the subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is one of the human body fat, it around human visceral and mainly exists in the abdominal cavity. A certain amount of visceral fat is essential, as it’s play the role to supporting, stablility and protection role for human visceral.

    Basal Metabolic Rate

    Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the minimum calorie expenditure rate. This is the rate at which you must expend calories in order to keep alive. This measurement can be helpful to weight-loss programs in predicting weight-loss rates.

  • Fat Mass

    Accuracy: 0.2kg

    Fat Mass. The weight of fat contains the weight of two fats, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

    Fat Free Mass

    Accuracy: 0.2kg

    Fat-free mass is one of two human body components. Fat-free mass (FFM) includes internal organs, bone, muscle, water and connective tissue.

  • Body Type

    Body type refers to the overall description of human shape, mainly refers to the ratio between the various body parts. We classify them into 9 categories.

    Body Score

    Body scoring refers to displaying the current physical condition of the user's body directly by scoring according to the data of the weighing test and the YUNMAI cloud data of millions of users.

  • Normal Weight

    Normal weight is the ideal body weight derived from your current baseline body data.

    Body Fat Index

    The body fat index of a human is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass body fat includes essential body fat and storage body fat. Essential body fat is necessary to maintain life and reproductive functions.

  • Fat Level

    The level of obesity reflects the visual effect of the figure. Maintaining a non-obese body shape will be healthier and more energetic; while obese body size will not only affect the visual outcome, but also pose a risk of causing illness.

Bluetooth TI low-wattage Bluetooth 4.0 chip
Power Working current ≤10mA, AA (battery No. 5) x3
Sensor High Precision pressure sensor ×4,
Human body sensor ×4
Display 2.92 inch Hidden LCD Display
Package Scale mini2
AA (battery) x 3

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