70mai Dash Cam Pro

A dash cam with customizable mods to protect
your car and more importantly to guarantee your safety.
24/7 Recording & Surveillance | 2.7K Resolution
Advanced Driver-Assistance System | Night Vision
Rs 13999 Rs
70mai Dash Cam Pro
Won iF design award
* The standard package doesn’t include the memory card. 70mai Dash Cam Pro supports the use of the 16-64GB TF card with Class 10 and above.
  • 24-Hour Protection
  • 1944P Super High Definition
  • ADAS Supported
  • 140° Super Wide-Angle

24-Hour Monitor
Always-on Protection of Car

With motion detection supported by G-sensor, 70mai Pro can keep recording during parking mode.

Awesome Picture Quality Capture Details and Truth

5-mega-pixel, 1944P resolution with WDR that adjusts the exposure balance captures in greater detail both in darkness and strong light and produces a more clear and vibrant image.

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Advanced Driver Assistance System Boost Your Driving Safety

Real-Time Alert warns you when veering off the lane and when about to hit another vehicle ahead.

With DeFog Algorithm Let It Snow, Let It Show…

Reduce distortion or degradation of images and reproduce a clear vision while driving in snow, smoke and haze environment.

Next-Gen Mini Designing Hidden Behind Mirror

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro is built to make your driving experience better. With its sleek design the device can be discreetly installed behind your rearview mirror, keeping your line of view clear.

The Ultimate Dash Camera
(GPS need to be purchased separately)

Equip your car with advanced driver assistant system (ADAS), a modern highly sophiscated safety
feature designed to boost driving safety, besides the basic function of dash cam,
70mai will guarantee you a safer drive by monitoring traffic environment.

* To support ADAS, you need to install the GPS module on the back of cam.

140° big wide angle-- Cover multiple lanes.

140° is the most ideal field of view; it can comfortably cover 3 lanes without lens
distortion meaning you can see more, without losing the details.

Emergency Recordings Protected

70mai Camera has a built-in G-sensor. In the event of a collision, the emergency video recording function
will be automatically activated. It will not delete the evidence due to lack of memory or loop recording,
and completely protect the footage of the accident including the moments leading up to it.

Support the wireless interconnection, viewing the video with
the mobile phone in real time, and downloading the video.

By downloading our APP and accessing WIFI, you can view your Dash Cam video in real-time. You can also watch historical
footage and even download your important pictures/video to your cell phone. This process is super simple and
does not use your SIM card.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

70mai Dash Cam Pro has low light sensitivity and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode, giving it exceptional
performance even in dim environments. The high quality full resolution WDR video keeps the
crisp, high contrast and accurate details.

Command Without Hands, Drive With Safety

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro offers a AI integrated voice control so you can efficiently control dash cam to take pictures, record videos and open screen without manual touch but by convenient voice commands.

Your eyewitness that never blinks

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