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70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+

2 Inch IPS Screen / 1944P Resolution & 5-Megapixel Camera / Dual-Channel / 24H Parking Surveillance / Built-in GPS with ADAS

Rs 29,999
  • 1944P HD Quality: Crystal-clear footage for Pakistan's roads. 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+.
  • Advanced Night Vision: Navigate Pakistan's night roads safely with superior visibility.
  • GPS & ADAS Integration: Stay safe with real-time alerts on Pakistani roads. Get yours now!
  • Seamless Smartphone Connectivity: Easily manage your road footage in Pakistan with the 70mai app.
  • Best Price in Pakistan: Secure your drive with 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+, premium tech, affordable price.
  • Rs 29,999
Guaranteed Original Quick Delivery (Pakistan) Comes With Warranty Cash on Delivery (COD) Online Payments Competitive Price

Product Summary

Cutting-Edge Video Quality: Highlight the exceptional video quality of the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+, featuring 1944P HD recording capabilities. This ensures crystal-clear footage, crucial for capturing minute details on the road, a vital feature for Pakistani drivers navigating diverse traffic conditions. ✨ Enhanced Night Vision for Safe Driving: Emphasize the advanced night vision technology of the dash cam. This is particularly beneficial in Pakistan where night driving can be challenging due to varying street lighting conditions, ensuring drivers have reliable footage at all times. ✨ User-Friendly GPS and ADAS Features: Mention the integrated GPS and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which provide real-time vehicle speed and lane departure warnings. This technology is especially useful on Pakistan's bustling roads, offering an extra layer of safety for drivers. ✨ Seamless Connectivity and Easy Access: Seamless Connectivity and Easy Access. ✨ Dash Cam Best Price in Pakistan: Conclude with a statement like, "Get the luxury of advanced driving safety with the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ at the best price in Pakistan." This assures potential customers that they are getting a high-tech product at a competitive price, tailored for the Pakistani market.

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Customer Support

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