FIMI X8 SE 4K GPS DroneNew 2020

New perspective at your fingertips
5KM Range/3-Axis Gimbal/4K Stabilized Camera/Compact design
Rs 99,999

It`s time to explore new horizons!

FIMI X8 SE shoots all your escapades in ultra-high resolution, so you can relive your most magical moments
over and over again. It has an integrated camera that offers stunning 4K videos with 100Mbps bitrate.

  • 4K 100Mbps video
  • 3-axis mechanical gimbal
  • Folding portable design
  • 5km range
  • Smart track and smart flight
  • 33mins flight time
  • Precise vision positioning system

Powerful imaging system

The flying 4K camera that you can take with you everywhere on the go, It is the ideal go-to solution to film stunning
high-quality videos and take outstanding photos, capturing the best moments of your everyday life.

  • 3-axis mechanical

  • Sony IMX378 sensor,
    1.55um single pixel size

  • 4K/30fps
    100 Mbps

  • TDMA HD real-time

  • F-log mode and

  • Fully adjustable
    settings of camera

3-axis mechanical gimbal

FIMI X8 SE combines a light weight 3-axis mechanical gimbal with the latest professional control algorithms the control accuracy
is much better and up to 0.004° which brings in the ultra smooth and jello-free videos even in high speed or strong wind conditions.

Sony IMX378 sensor

The camera integrates the 1/2.3" 12MP Sony IMX378 sensor the best 1/2.3" sensor and a f/2.2 aperture
lens. Compared to the mi 4K drone camera, the FIMI X8 SE`s camera has a lower power consumption,
higher dynamic range and better color performance. The single pixel size of the IMX378 is 1.55um,
which makes sure the camera has a better low-light performance.

Professional image signal processors

Equipped with Ambarella professional image processor, the FIMI X8 SE shots videos at an incredible 4K/30 fps,
record at 100 Mbps and supports maximum shutter speed up to 1/8000 second to capture every moment in high
quality. The new F-Log mode and DNG RAW picture can keep more details suitable for post-processing.

Real-time HD video transmission

Built-in second generation TDMA HD digital video transmission system, the FIMI X8 SE
adopts the latest encoder and decoder, which brings in the better video quality and lower
latency, the enhanced anti-interference performance and adaptive streaming bitrate
technology improves the image transmission distance up to 5km.

Ultra portable design

Foldable and Portable design

The FIMI X8 SE is an foldable and portable drone that is compact and lightweight with the folded size only 73*106*204mm.
It`s easy to put in a backpack. Compared to the last generation, Mi 4K drone. The total weight of FIMI X8 SE is reduced by
42.8% and the storage space reduced by 70.2%.

Remote controller

We have re-designed the remote controller for the X8 SE, with detachable
sticks and stretched structure design, it`s small and ergonomic, yet
compatible with all sizes of mobile phones, even an iPad mini.

More powerful propulsion system

Higher aerodynamic efficiency

Aerodynamic designed body, higher efficiency motor and propeller combo, coupled with high density intelligent
li-po battery, make the new X8 SE can stay in the air up to 33 minutes. At the meantime, the noise has been
decreased by 7dBm compared to the mi drone 4k.

  • 33 33mins flight
  • 18 Speed: 18m/s
  • 5 Ascend speed:
  • 4 Descent speed:
  • 4500 Intelligent battery
    capacity: 4500mAh
  • -7 Noise decreased:

Shoot Like a Pro

FIMI X8 SE cameras employ latest 3-axis gimbal technology,
ensuring smooth, stable footage in just about any situation.

  • Cine shot
  • Smart tracking modes
  • Flight planning shooting
  • Panoramas
  • Hyperlapse

Take cinematic shots like never before

FIMI X8 SE let you take automatic aerial selfies. Create fun moments
with your friends and share them on your social media.

  • Rocket

    Fly upward with the camera
    pointing downward

  • Dronie

    Fly backward and upward with
    the camera locking the subject

  • Circle

    Circle around the target

  • Spiral

    Spiral around the subject

Smart tracking modes

Thanks to the powerful visual tracking system powered by A.I technology,
the drone can precisily lock the target always.

  • Trace

    Track your target from
    different views

  • Profile

    Follow your subject from
    a parallel perspective

  • Lock

    Follow from a fixed

More powerful flight planning shooting

The new flight planning shooting function have become more powerful,
not only the path planning, but also the task planning.

  • Task settings
  • Flight settings
  • Maps settings
  • Historical routes

Panorama shot

The X8 SE will automatically take multiple photos and
combine them into a single panorama.

  • Pano-180°
  • Pano-Horizontal
  • Pano-Vertical


The FIMI X8 SE motion-lapse utilizes the imaging and flight control system to make professional
cine timelapse with a simple touch of a button, Say goodbye to complicated post-processing.

  • Free
  • Focus
  • Waypoint

SAR (Search And Rescue) mode

Portable light design, long range video system and long flight time, make the FIMI X8 SE very suitable
for rescue mission. With precision coordinates location, help find rescue target quickly.

  • 3x 3x digital zoom camera
  • GPS Real-time GPS coordinates
  • 33 The 33mins flight time
    and 5km range

Precision positioning system

Adopting GPS+glonass dual-satellites positioning system ensures more precise hovering and faster positioning. The new vision positioning system ultilizes the main front camera and downside camera to keep the drone hover stably even in gps-denied environments.

Precision landing

The X8 SE ultilizes the downside camera to recognize the launch pad and land right on the pad.


Totally new designed Ul, more intuitive to use, plug and play between the
remote and mobile with OTG cable, no more complicated settings.

Multiple protections for safe flight

All multiple safe protection functions make sure the drone achieve a safer journey.

  • Return to home
  • Dual IMU systems
  • GPS real-time tracking
  • Automatically return
    on no-fly zone
  • Low-battery
    reminder for return
  • Wind warning
  • Excessive power
  • Note:
  • The 33 minutes flight time refers to constant speed at 7m/s (no wind) with fully charged and low cyclic battery. Remote control distance reach to 5km (FCC) in open area and no interference. All above testing and data come from FIMI laboratory, errors may occur in actual use for operating and environmental changes., the premier online shopping destination for Xiaomi fans in Pakistan.

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