Automatic Folding Umbrella

One Push Open/Close, Fall in love with the rainy day

Water Repellent Umbrella Fiber/Highyl Effective sunshade screen
One Push Automatic Open/Close /Safe Bounce Mechanism
Rs 4,499
Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella
Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Highly effective sunshade screen
  • One push automatic Open/Close
  • Safe bounce mechanism

FORMOSA ultrastrong water repellent umbrella fabric

During rain, light water repellent

Taiwan`s FONEWR custom-made super water repellent umbrella fabric, ultra light 210T high density, light weight and durable. The umbrella fabric is waterproof up to level 5, after heavy rain, gently shake the umbrella, very easy to shake off the rain water from the surface of the umbrella, Overall waterproof and anti-leakage, clear and refreshing.

Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella

* The above experimental data are from the SGS laboratory. The water splashing degree is divided into 0-5 grades, the higher the score is, the better water resistance. In level 5 test. fabric is not wet, the surface is not stained with small drops of water.

Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella

Highly Effective Sunshade Screen

The heat is no longer the sun, but only the gaze

UVoutex FABRICS coating has a high strength and characteristics such as, highly effective sunshade screening, super high insulation, can effectively block harmful UV rays and perhaps achieve the effect of UV protection. Whether it is clear or rainy day, only focus on your direction.

Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella
Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella

One Push Automatic Open/Close

One-handed control, comfortable

Gently press the button, easy opening and closing in just one second, one handed control and very comfortable, come in and out of the room and say goodbye to the embarrassment of being wet on rainy days.

Long Lasting and durable

The rib is made of aluminum and glass fiber material, with very good elasticity and very light weight, not easy to break and get rust. The umbrella rod has a good selection of high quality steel, which is not easy to bend. The electro-technology makes it more resistant to friction, corrosion, and can be used for a long time.

Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella
Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella

Safe Bounce Mechanism

Intimate safety lock mechanism to prevent the bounce while closing the umbrella. Safe and do not have to worry about a umbrella closing. The bar part is made of iron SPCC41 with both strength and toughness. it`s as safe as you think.

Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella
Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella

Hidden Umbrella Beads

Innovative umbrella beads hidden in the umbrella cloth not only improve the safety of the umbrella but also make the umbrella more elegant

Comfortable Square Handle

Circle at the top and square at the bottom. each arc is designed with careful consideration. All of the handle is made through the way of spraying plush paint to make it more comfortable. The mold accuracy is up to 0.05mm. The final grinding molding makes the handle more delicate

Fearless From Storm

The windproof structure is designed to toughen the umbrella structure. To refine the whole umbrella toughness, we have made it with high-quality 5182 aluminum alloy and glass fibers. It`s fearless from storm and can protect you under the umbrella.

Just 3 steps, easy to use

Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella
  • Press the automatic switch
    to open the umbrella.
  • Press the automatic switch
    again to close the umbrella.
  • Press inward with both hands, and hear
    “Click” sound, then you can fold the umbrella.

* Do not manually fold the umbrella forcibly, which may cause failure during the process of closing the umbrella, the umbrella will not open, you must hear a “Click” sound
to complete the umbrella folding action.

Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella

Superior in texture

The Mijia Automatic Folding Umbrella has been rigorously tested in over 1000 opening and closing action reliability test, and has far surpassed industry standards to guarantee performance and excellent durability.

Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella

* Children must use under adult supervision.

* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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