Mi Automatic Soap DispenserSet

Antibacterial contactless soap dispenser

No contact, more hygienic|99.9% effective antibacterial|Botanical extract, comfortable moisturizing

* Soap Dispenser x 1 + Antibacterial Sanitizer x 1 + AA Battery x 4

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser won the (Good Design Award)

As a non-contact automatic soap dispenser, it can save time and water and still keep the most effective cleaning effect. its compact, minimalist, understated design style can be perfectly integrated with any bathroom or kitchen. providing users with a high-quality, elegant hand-washing experience.

———— Good Design Award Jury

Touchelss auto soap without the need to press
protects the health of the whole family

Protect your family`s health by starting with a new way to wash your hands no
need to press just place your hand under the outlet, the soap will come out
from the dispenser automatically to help you clean your hand.

  • Infrared sensing

  • 0.25 induction time (1)

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

Fine soap foam for deep cleansing

Accurate 12 : 1 (2), gas liquid bubble proportion controlling creates the fine and dense foam
which can better cover skin epidermis, reaching into tiny pores for deep cleansing.

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

Effective elimination of bacterial
rate up to 99.9%(3)

The laboratory test proves that it can effectively eliminate common bacteria such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, and the elimination rate is as high as 99.9%, which effectively protects the health of the family.

Acidic formula, close to the skin pH(4)
mild and skin-friendly foam

Using a slightly acidic formula that is close to the pH of the human skin, long-term use will not damage the skin`s pH balance, but also make the hands soft and smooth. It is added with hydrating and moisturizing, and is prepared from natural oils and fats.

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

Natural plant extracts for gentle skin care

The fragrance contains French LMR natural plant extracts. The Mi Automatic Soap
Dispenser comes standard with hand sanitizer for antibacterial, and the moisturizing
amino acid model needs to be purchased separately.

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

Antibacterial cleanser

Effectively eliminates bacteria and provides healthy and safe care for the family. The scent is a floral fragrant berry with a fresh citrus scent. The rich layer makes the scent more youthful while applying.

Head fragrance:
Green apple, berry, lemon
Body fragrance:
Rose, jasmine, bergamot
Bottom fragrance:
Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

Amino acid cleanser

Natural coconut oil is used as raw material, and the texture is mild. Special amino acid raw materials are added, and the long-lasting moisturizing is not tight. The scent is composed of Lily of the valley intertwined with a sweet orange flower aroma, the texture is mild, the fruity hydration and freshness set off a watery rhyme, which is a pleasure for skin.

Head fragrance:
Linglan, orange blossom, citrus
Body fragrance:
Pear, apple, cucumber
Bottom fragrance:
Peruvian incense

320mL large-capacity design

The amount of foaming is reasonably controlled, and the
abundance of the foam is easier to rinse while the hands are clean,
and the foam has no residue. The 320mL high-capacity design can
be used up to 400 times for a family to use for 50 days.

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

Miniature high efficiency motor with
low power consumption and noise

The micro-high efficiency motor and its rubber damping structure not only have high bubble efficiency but also you will not be disturbed by noise when used, intelligent induction design, low power consumption. (6)

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

Classic minimalist design with small
size perfect fit for all environments

Continuing the minimalist design style of Mi products, It can be easily integrated into the
bathroom, kitchen and other environments, The hand sanitizer bottle is made of high-grade
matte material, which is clear and clean and can be used at any time.

  • Small size

  • Splashproof (7)

  • Eco-friendly (8)

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser
Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

How to clean your hands?

  • Apply soap

  • Palm to palm

  • Between fingers

  • Back of hands

  • Base of thumbs

  • Back of fingers

  • Rinse and wipe dry

(1) Data was obtained from Xiaowei Laboratories, and the experimental detection showed that the foaming time was up to 0.25 seconds.

(2) Data came from Xiaowei Laboratories. After testing, the test result was 12:1 at room temperature 25°C.

(3) The elimination rate reached 99.9%. Specifically, under the experimental conditions, the elimination rate against E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans reached 99.9%. The results are for reference only. The antibacterial test report was issued by Guangzhou Zhongke Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd., and the report number is JKW180227-04.

(4) The antibacterial pH test report number is: JKW180227-04, and the testing institution is Guangzhou Zhongke Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. The amino acid pH test report number is SDP-R-20180903-9, and the testing organization is Shanghai Dongpu Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd.

(5) Data was obtained from a hygiene laboratory and was calculated based on 8 times a day.

(6) The waterproof level IPX4 test report was issued by Ningbo Huajian Testing Technology Co., Ltd., and the report number is: EED44K000120C.

(7) ROHS machine verification report was issued by Shanghai Huajian Label Testing Technology Co., Ltd., and the report number is A2180121274101001C.

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