Mi Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Warm or cold, at a glance
High sensitivity sensor |LCD screen |Magnetic wall stickers
Ultra-low power consumption

Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity

Home temperature and humidity at a glance

Temperature and humidity are closely linked to human comfort and health. In winter humidity
is low and the air is dryer and during the monsoon season humidity is too high. Bluetooth
temperature and humidity meter is real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity changes
LCD Screen, easy fonts and easy to read.

As small as 0.1 score, more accurate measurement

Built-in advanced sensirion temperature/humidity sensor

Accurate and sensitive Sensirion temperature and humidity monitor, accurately sensing 0.1 °C room temperature
change and 0.1% relative humidity change, refresh once a second, more accurate measurement.

Careful interpretation of data

Check the temperature and humidity anywhere

Abnormal changes will be notified, so you could calmly deal with.

* Needs to have the MIA Bluetooth gateway device in the room to connect remotely. Bluetooth gateway products are: Mijia bedside lamp, Mi smart home camera 1080P. More devices that support the Bluetooth functionality will come in future.

Combine with smart devices to improve indoor environment

A good helper of your smart home

Through Mi Bluetooth gateway, temretaure and humidity monitor can also link
with other smart devices to help improve the comfort of your home

* Needs to have the Mi smart gateway in the room to link other Mi products.
At present, the function of the Bluetooth gateway products exists in these
Mi products: Mijia bedside lamp, Mi smart home camera 1080P.

Hot weather, automatically turn on the air conditioning

Air conditioning is turned on or off automatically, when the preset temperature is set in the MiHome APP.

Indoor is dry, automatically turn on the humidifier

Automatically turn the humidifier on or off when the preset humidity is set in the MiHome APP.

Unique design of the wall mount

Easily install “On the Wall”

Mi bluetooth temperature/humidity monitor can be easily installed on the wall with built-in magnets, or with adhesive tape to stick on the wall.

Mi Rainbow Alkaline Battery, easily monitor for a year

Ultra-low-power screen, battery life is up to one year.

* These are Laboratory test, the actual use of the environment may change according to the objective error, for reference purposes only.

Screen continues to display the remaining charge

So no worries for timely replacement of batteries.

Easy to connect with APP

  • Open the “Mi Home” APP, add devices, select “Mi Temperature
    and humidity monitor”,in the device list enter the
    connection interface
  • Follow the connection guide, press the back of the monitor button for 2 seconds,
    When the Bluetooth icon on the screen starts to flash, the device enters
    connection status.
* All the above test data are from laboratory, the actual use of the process may change according to the objective environment.

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