Mi Dr. Bei Toothbrush Set4 Colors

2000 selected softer bristles, refresh every tooth
German and Japanese imported bristles|Award winning design|Food grade material*
Rs 1,699
Prized souvenir at the Boao Forum for Asia
Mi Dr. Bei Toothbrush Set

‘Mijia Customized’ is a cooperative brand of the official ‘Mijia’ brand of the Xiaomi ecological chain. It partners and collaborates with other outstanding companies in the industry to create products. It is the perfect embodiment of Mijia`s design philosophy and quality pursuit, and the excellent manufacturing standards of third-party companies. Mijia custom products are sold exclusively by Xiaomi`s official channel.​

High quality bristles
a gift from Dr. Bei

The bristles used in the tooth brush are manufactured in Germany and Japan, and high quality standards are adhered upon to make sure you teeth look great when you put on that smile!
  • We only choose
    50% high-quality bristle
  • 30% higher filament density
    Small head & efficient cleaning
Mi Dr. Bei Toothbrush Set

Imported soft hair from the inventor of bristles

Bristles come in 3 different categories and produced in Germany and Japan

The tooth brush comprises of many key elements. Its sharp-edged filaments are manufactured by Torey. Dr. Bei customized
its high-end antibacterial fur. The Pedex spiral wire comes from Germany, which is the chief inventor of the spiral wire
technology. It offers a balanced combination of softness and pressure, enabling effective oral cleaning.
Mi Dr. Bei Toothbrush Set

Patented scientific layout,
strong cleaning and massage of gums

The Sandwich bristles layout: the three bristles are accurately arranged, lengthened, complemented
and can be massaged into the mouth. They are strong and clean and have a comfortable feel to
them. The top surface has a “mountain like” structure, allowing the bristles to penetrate the gap
between the gums and teeth, help clean the plaque, they are also effectively antibacterial.
Top spiral bristle: Go deep into wisdom teeth, better cleaning ability Middle antibaterial bristle: Go deep into gum gaps, quickly clean dental plaque Sides silver ion bristle: Soft touch feeling, care for your gums

Sweeping the gingival sulcus at the 45 degree angle is the correct method of brushing teeth

Often, the plaque is stored in the gap between the teeth and the gums (the gingival sulcus). It is invisible to the eye and can often be very stubborn. It is the chief culprit in many of the dental diseases. Dr. Bayer’s toothbrush adapts the Pap smear method to protect the gums while clearing the gingival sulcus effectively.

Gentle on gums, but tough on stains

Mi Dr. Bei Toothbrush Set

Upgraded traditional process to resist corrosion

Dr. Bei upgraded the bristles fixing process and selected high-quality nickel-silver sheets for the bristles.
Although the nickel-silver tablets are expensive, they are most resistant to corrosion and less prone to
bacteria than copper and iron in traditional bristles.
Mi Dr. Bei Toothbrush Set

Technical manual toothbrush

Dr. Bei toothbrush comprehensively improves the oral cleaning process. With the 23 patents, the
scientific combination of three different functions of bristles not only helps the stubborn plaque,
but also assists in massaging gums, effectively preventing the periodontal diseases.

23 Patents
* For details of 23 patent types and patent numbers, see the specs page.
Mi Dr. Bei Toothbrush Set

Comes with a beautiful travel box

Dr. Bei toothbrush travel box is made of imported food-grade
materials, which is both exquisite and beautiful. Considering
its convenience, it is handy on travels.

Mi Dr. Bei Toothbrush Set

Designed by the maker of the Olympic torch design for your toothbrush

Dr. Zhang Jun, the founder of Dr. Bei, had the honor of designing the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Xiangyun Torch. He is totally committed to improving the oral health of people all over the world. He has integrated high-quality suppliers in China and other countries in efforts for sustainable oral health among masses. The toothbrushes are a symbol of effectiveness, elegance and innovation.

Mi Dr. Bei Toothbrush Set

* Toothbrush material meets the requirements of food safety and hygiene standards.
All data are provided by Dr. Bei. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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