Mi Foldable WalkingPad

World`s first unique foldable design

Foldable design|Operate silently|Auto speed control|No installation
Rs 165,000

No more excuse for not having
time or space to do sports

Mi WalkingPad provides you with a great way to increase activity and avoid pain
from sitting while you work. Taking up little storage space, this walkingpad can
be easily set up in the office, home and folded under the desks.

Intelligent speed control patented technology「1」
control speed by the human motion trajectory

The Mi WalkingPad is equipped with a breakthrough speed control technology that places high-precision
sensors in the walking pad. The speed of the walking pad can be freely adjusted as needed by the
human motion trajectory. Restore the state of your outdoor sports.

  • High precision pressure sensor

  • Fast data transmission

  • Automatic mode (A)

  • Auto start, stop, acceleration and deceleration

Concealed LED display data at a glance in real time

The light is embedded in the metal panel. When the panel is off, the entire panel is clean
as a metal slate and when powered on its clear as a dashboard, the exercise data such
as steps, distance, time, speed, and the calorie consumption「2」are clearly visible.

Aluminum alloy frame structure is light,
strong, and has a long service life

The Mi WalkingPad adopts a lightweight aluminum alloy integrated molding frame, which greatly reduces
the weight of the frame and saves the workload during handling. At the same time, the overall stability
and durability have been improved, and the seemingly slim shape is more durable.

  • 28kg

    Net Weight

  • 90kg

    Max Capacity

Innovative foldable patented design「3」
WalkingPad makes storage easy

Traditional fitness equipment takes up a lot of space, so we have developed a patented
folding design. The folded area covers 0.44m² / 4.7ft² of space only, You can easily pull
WalkingPad out for a quick walk and, just as easily, fold it up and hide it away.

Move it conveniently with the two transportation wheels

In order to facilitate the transportation, we specially designed a set of orange moving wheels.
When folded in half, the machine can be easily transported around without hassle.

Double sports modes manual and automatic

Beginner can use the remote controller to operate WalkingPad in M-manual mode, seasoned user can
control the speed through our patented adaptive speed control system, that is called A-automatic mode.

A comfortable walking experience each layer is carefully selected

A soft shock absorption anti-slip with low friction coefficient layer called EVA is embedded in the middle of the walking pad and walking belt, which makes it feel like a real plastic track. This kind of track can protect your ankles and makes it smoother while running.

Low profile design minimizing the step-up height for users

In order to make the use of the WalkingPad more convenient and safer, we have designed the walking platform
to be lower, Its with a height of only 57mm, which greatly reduces the space between the WalkingPad and the
ground, and treadmill operates silently so that you can work efficiently without any hindrance.

Handheld remote operation

The WalkingPad comes with a wireless remote control, users can easily adjust the speed by pressing "+" to faster or "-" to slower. Even though this treadmill is not designed for running, the max speed will also give you more of a brisk walk.

Linkage WalkingPad APP

Through the data management of WalkingPad APP, you can record every movement data, and use the data to witness the subtle changes.

Beautifully minimalist design

As the winner of the 2019 Red Dot Award for product design and 2019 Design Award, WalkingPad
leverages its innovation expertise to sustain its leading position in the fitness equipment industry in
China. The beautifully engineered minimalist design revolutionizes the traditional steel frame
structure to create a fresh and brand new look for WalkingPad.

Safety is our consistent pursuit

Child safety lock protection function is controlled by WalkingPad APP, when
you open it, the WalkingPad can`t work. Let you and families peace of mind.

  • Novice Speed Aid

  • Child Safety Lock

  • Automatic Hibernation

  • Overload Protection

* Above data are based on internal lab tests and conducted in an controlled environment. Results may vary based on actual usage and environmental conditions.

[1] Patent number: ZL201510274192.X.

[2] Calorie consumption data, details must be entered in the APP before it can be displayed on the panel.

[3] Patent number: ZL201721078839.2.

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