Mi iHealth Thermometer

1-second quick measure |Infrared thermometer |German heimann sensor |LED display
Mi iHealth Thermometer
Won iF design award
Mi iHealth Thermometer
  • German
    Heimann Sensor

  • 100 times/s data
    Data acquisition

  • Distance Sensor
    To avoid misuse

  • Indoor temperature sensor
    For precision correction

Mi iHealth Thermometer

1-Second Quick Detection

Aim at forehead and press to measure temperature

When our body temperature exceeds the normal temperature range (36ºC -37.4ºC) its called fever, fever is usually measured with mercury thermometer and you need to wait for 5 minutes for the results. using the Mi iHealth Thermometer, just aim at forehead and press the button, wait for a second and read the results on a led display. Not only its blazing fast, you can immediately take the next measurement.

Mi iHealth Thermometer

Accurate Measurement

Built-in Germany Heymann sensor

Xiaomi iHealth thermometers have built-in Germany`s thermopile sensor which ensure precise identification of body temperature through infrared. Press the key and iHealth thermometer will collect data and process it using special algorithms for accurate temperature measurements.

Mi iHealth Thermometer

Higher Accuracy

Environmental temperature compensation sensor

In addition to the thermopile sensor, the iHealth thermometer is improved with indoor temperature and environmental compensated temperature sensor to guarantee accurate measurement under the circumstances where other probo-type sensors cannot be used or do not produce accurate data for a variety of reasons. The distance sensor continuously monitors the distance between the data acquisition port and the forehead and automatically cancels the measurement beyond the effective measuring range (effective measuring range ≦ 3 cm).

  • Distance sensor

  • Room
    Temperature sensor

  • Temperature
    Compensation Sensor

Mi iHealth Thermometer

Clinically Approved Accuracy

Mi iHeatlh thermometer been tested many times under internationally held standards before we decided it was ready to be in your hands. it is MDSAP and CFDA Certified and meet the ISO 13485 standards

* Guangdong Food and Drug Administration 2014 No. 2200464.
Mi iHealth thermometer continuous measurement results

Non-Contact Design

It easy for you to get the temperature quickly and accurately. iHealth Thermometer uses infrared technology to measure your baby`s temperature accurately, from a distance, even while fast asleep. No touch - no bacteria! It is safe and hygienic with no need to disinfect after use, so you and your baby can go quickly back to sleep.

Mi iHealth Thermometer

LED Display, 0.1 Degree Accuracy

Clear fonts, so elderly can use easily.

Mi iHealth Thermometer

Vibration Reminder

Silent vibrate reminder , When measurement is done there is no noise so your baby doesnt get disturbed, you can silently check temperature.

Mi iHealth Thermometer

15.5° Comfortable Handle Grip

15.5° bevel design, for the best measurement angle,
to maximize the avoidance of miscalculation.

Two 7-Cell Batteries

Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, supports upto 3000 measurements.

Mi iHealth Thermometer

Instructions For Use

Aim the thermometer probe at the center of the forehead and keep the distance within 3cm (the best distance from the thickness of the adult forefinger). Do not touch the forehead directly.
Tap the button “ ”, To start measuring.
Silent vibrate reminder , If the measurement is sucessful you will feel vibration and screen will show the reading, If it failed it won`t vibrate and screen will display. “ - - -°C ”
Mi iHealth Thermometer
* All data are provided by iHealth Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.
Mi iHealth Thermometer

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