Mi Quad Control Power Strip

With four sub-controls, designed to meet high electricity demands
Rs 5,899
Mi Quad Control Power Strip

Like a work of art
carefully carved
revised in appearance
a power strip that accommodate
needs of house in elegant way

Mi Quad Control Power Strip

Aesthetically artistic, it symbolizes Power

It is a human instinct to admire beauty, Mi Powerstrip was designed in a way that is both
aesthetically pleasing and durable. The plug-in board offers bonus high-value utilities
such as a multi-positional control system, 3 USB ports, efficient and workable rocker
switches. The product conforms to high human safety standards.

  • Four sub-controls
  • Rocker switch
  • 3 x USB port
  • Copper strip
  • 750°C flame retardant
  • Safety door
Mi Quad Control Power Strip

Multi-position control,
geared towards meeting
domestic electricity demand

Do you have too many room appliances ? Do you find your kitchen with various appliances and not enough plug-in wall sockets? Do you find your office with not enough power outlets, eventually giving you a headache? The Mi power strip has 4 national standard socket positions that cater for all of your home and office needs. Each of the four sockets in the Mi Powerstrip have independent switches, making it energy-conservative, environmentally friendly and safe.

3 USB charging ports, your “Original” charger

The power strip contains three USB ports, acting as a handy charger for portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets and cameras. The unique USB smart charging chip is able to smartly sense the charging device – it supports the 5 Volts, 2 Amperes fast charging facility.

Flame retardant


High flame-resistant standards, preventing fire hazards

In efforts to maintain high quality safety standards, we have incorporated a strong PC
(poly-carbonate) material for the shell of the Powerstrip. Approved by our designated
testing agency of the National Quality Certification Center, it meets the national heat
resistant standard of the 750 degree Celsius threshold.

Kid’s safety assured


Each jack has independent security gate

Each set of jacks is armed with an independent safety gate, carefully attuned to the force
applied. Each individual hole requires an effort of more than 15 pounds to go pass the
safety lid, making it a safer option when kids are around. A standard plug can be
inserted by applying a particular force only.

Mi Quad Control Power Strip

High quality tin-phosphor bronze material,
integrated copper belt technology for utmost safety

High quality tin-phosphorous bronze material is used as internal conductive material in the plug-in board, providing elasticity,
strong electrical conductivity and wear resistance, while guarding against electric sparks, heat and fire. In the production
process, we opted for the one-piece molding technology, in an attempt to make sure product quality was not sacrificed
despite the high manufacturing cost. We feel, the safety of our customers is our topmost priority.

Mi Quad Control Power Strip

Effortless Switching and elegant on the eye

The rocker-type switch in the Mi Powerstrip, gives a flat comfortable feeling upon touch. It is manufactured
keeping in mind high quality design standards and provides a nice, flat visual appeal when closed.

Mi Quad Control Power Strip
Mi Quad Control Power Strip
Mi Quad Control Power Strip
Mi Quad Control Power Strip
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