Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

For the best possible clean

High-efficiency magnetic levitation motor
High-density metal-free planting brush
3 cleaning modes for you to choose
APP control with Bluetooth function
Rs 6000
Watch Video Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
  • High-efficiency magnetic
    levitation motor
  • High-density metal-free
    planting brush
  • Customized
    brushing modes
  • Brushing gesture recognition
    and report and analysis

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

More Than Just an Electric Toothbrush

Brushing seems ordinary, but have a great impact on our lives, good brushing habits not only make our lives more healthy, but also give us confidence. How to make teeth more healthy, how to make our smile confident? Today, let this toothbrush give you a new answer!

Good toothbrush should meet the following 4 conditions

  • Clean Brush
  • Sonicare
  • Smart
  • Friendliness
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

A powerful electric toothbrush

High efficiency magnetic sonic levitation motor

gives you the powerful cleaning effect

Good electric toothbrush features the high-frequency vibration and strong power. Xiaomi adopts the high-frequency magnetic levitation motor featuring 31000 times/min vibration and 230gf.cm torque output. The power can be efficiently transmitted to the brush head, which ensures that the toothbrush always keeps high power even when the brush fits closely to the theeth, The power drives the water and toothpaste foam in the mouth, and forms small pulse cleaning force to rinse tooth gaps, remove dental plaque.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Click to watch the video Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

A sonic toothbrush to style your smile

Looks ordinary, but it`s not!

New high-density rust-free brush head

The brush head adopts the high-density planting technique. The metal-free design well solves the rust and filth problems, and is environmentally friendly and healthy. Adopting American dupont soft bristle, the bristle quantity is increased by 40 percent, and every bristle is rounding to avoid scratching your tooth surface or damaging your gums.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Sanding process

Bristle planting techniqu

American Dupont StaClean Premium bristles


Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
  • Non frosted shape
  • Frosted shape
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

A smart and easy to use electric toothbrush

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

3 Brushing Modes

Press the power button to switch the modes from standard cleaning mode to gentle mode to customized mode. You can choose the suitable cleaning mode to meet your daily tooth cleaning requirements

Brushing Assistant APP

You can customize the brushing mode (brushing time, brushing strength, and other functions) according to your daily habits and diet plan. You can also upgrade the mode and function to meet your different brushing requirements

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Better brushing through technology

Want to know if you brush well or not? The built-in high-precision sensors can detect your brushing gesture, monitor the 6 brushing areas and the stay time. Connect the toothbrush to APP via the brushing, brushing time coverage rate, average rate, etc. Look over and share your everyday report, weekly report and monthly report anytime.

* We suggest you to move the brush head slowly when brushing for better cleaning, the brush will remind you to change the brushing area aevey 30s.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush


Early morning

Early morning when wake up it is the most vulnerable time for mouth, so the brushing in the morning needs a lot
attention to the gums and oral care, brushing can protect the gums and prevent bleeding.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Cup of relaxing afternoon tea

Tea might be even more likely to stain your teeth than coffee due to its higher tannin content.
it is important to look after your teeth in order to keep staining to a minimum.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Happy family dinners

Dinner with friends and family, pizza or fried foods are inevitable, but the mouth always feel sticky,
Brushing after a meal is generally a good idea to healthy dental hygiene.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

* More personal customization can be based on different lifestyles and habits.

Intelligent brush with real-time feedback

Extra-Long Battery Life

One charge, can be used for 18 days

The Mi Sonic Electric toothbrush features a state of the art built-in 700mAh Lithium-Ion battery to last up to 18 days and is designed to charge with lightning-fast speed, all while delivering long-lasting, consistently powerful cleaning action between charges.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

*18 days life is based on the normal mode of brushing for every two minutes, twice a day.

Safe and Convenient

USB Charging Station

Mi sonic electric toothbrush with a universal USB interface charging dock, makes charging your toothbrush easy. No need to fiddle with a cable, just place your toothbrush in the dock and lift it out with one hand when it’s done.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

IPX4 Waterproof

Functional and beautiful design

It allows you to use the toothbrush in the shower and makes for an easy rinse off. IPX7 Waterproof Design give you a good experience of teeth cleaning. Integral enclosed design allows full-body washable super lightweight design for handing lighter and making less noise than regular electric toothbrush.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

*IPX7-level waterproof standard. Protected against short durations of water immersion. Max immersion for less than 30 minutes and at a depth of less than 1 meter.
but during taking a bath when the water temperature is high, small molecules may penetrate into the toothbrush, do not use during bath.

Anti-Skid Bumps

to, prevent slipping

In order to make the toothbrush more stable in the hand, we added a non-slip bumbs to prevent slipping, always maintaining a simple appearance, while ensuring the safe use of the toothbrush.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Seamless Switch Button

No worries about toothpaste sticky block

Mi toothbrush switch button with one piece of silicone waterproof design, the overall seamless, can effectively prevent the occurrence of toothpaste sticky block, even with the long-term use will not block button

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

User Friendly Charging Base

Automatic adsorption

The charging dock of the electric toothbrush is designed with 3 120° directions that can be inserted into the dock. After brushing the teeth can freely put the toothbrush from any direction into the dock, toothbrush will automatically return to the charging dock.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Bottom replaceable color ring

to prevent mixed use in home

What about the same toothbrush? Mi electric toothbrush take the actual needs of users into account , replaceable color ring at the bottom of the toothbrush, so the whole family can choose a different color ring as a mark, no longer need to worry about mix use of your toothbrush.

Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush

* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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