Mi USB-C to Mini DisplayPort
Multi-Function Adapter

4K/60Hz Ultra HD Output|USB-C PD3.0 Smart Charging|Data Transmission
Rs 4199
Multi-function adapter
Multi-function adapter
Multi-function adapter
Multi-function adapter

4 in 1 USB Multi-Function Adapter

expand laptop to more ports

This adaptor is designed to convert port from USB-C to one Mini DisplayPort, one USB-C and two USB-A so as to solve the insufficient trouble of computer expansion interface

  • 4K 60 Frame
    Video Transmission
  • Voltage and
    Current Judgement
  • PD 3.0
    Quick Charge
  • Multi-system and
    multi-model compatible
Multi-function adapter

4K / 60Hz Ultra HD output

High performance adapter for
professional designers

The powerful Mi USB-C to Mini DisplayPort multi-function adapter not only ensures high resolution, but also ensures high-speed and stable transmission of video and image signals, even for designers with demanding details and demanding performance.

4K / 60Hz Ultra HD output

Smooth picture, no frame loss

The Mi USB-C to Mini DisplayPort multi-function adapter supports 60 frames of 4K video transmission, which greatly improves the smoothness of the video and easily handles the current mainstream large-scale games. At a frame rate of 60 Hz, the game screen is smoother, without dropping frames or jamming.

4K / 60Hz Ultra HD output

Easily adapt to high-resolution displays
for multitasking

Office people often open multiple office interfaces at the same time, need to connect larger high-resolution display, Mi USB-C to Mini DisplayPort multi-function adapter output resolution is up to 4096 x 2160 60Hz, small screen becomes large screen, but the quality is still clear.

Stable coaxial signal transmission structure

The transmission of 4K images requires a more stable signal transmission structure. We use multiple layers of detailed materials to bring multiple data protection. The wire uses 96 pure tin-plated copper (TC) conductors, which have strong anti-oxidation capability and wire anti-interference (EMI) force. Strong, signal transmission is stable at high speed.

Multi-function adapter

Smart device voltage and current identification

Smart output 5-20V, 0mA-3.25A multi-level automatic switching
and matching, support USB-C PD3.0 protocol, support up to
65W output power when powering the device.

  • 3.0PD

    Quick Charge

  • 65MAX

    20V / 3.25A

Multi-function adapter

Small size, easy to carry around

Only 12mm thick, the length is about the length of the pencil case, can be
easily stored in the briefcase, computer bag. It is convenient for
commuting, business trips and business occasions.

Multi-function adapter

Support Mi Notebook, Macbook
and other Type-C devices

Perfectly compatible with your laptop, Macbook and other Type-C
devices, but also compatible with Mi phones with Type-C, Mi Tablets

Multi-function adapter

High quality transmission experience

A good Mini DisplayPort adapter can be a good assistant for office, not only with
excellent performance, sophisticated craftsmanship, but also reliable quality. We have
conducted a number of tests for the Mi Mini DisplayPort Multi-Function Adapter to
ensure that each component meets or exceeds industry standards!

  • Strong Body
  • Corrosion Protection
  • 10,000 Insertions
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Device Compatibility
  • High & Low Temperature
  • Flame Retardant
  • UV Protection
  • Wire Hoisting

* Note: Whether the adapter can fully support other USB-C host devices depends on whether the USB-C interface of the host device is fully
functional or partially functional, and whether it passes the compatibility test. The above tests and data are from the Tianmi laboratory.

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