Dedicated hardware-level motion sensor,
reduces motion sickness significantly
16ms ultra-low latency,
comes with 9-axis inertial motion controller

Rs 6900

Hardware-level VR

Immerse yourself with a whole new experience with
Mi VR that comes with a dedicated, hardware-level
motion sensor and system-level optimizations,
breaking the limitations of what normal VR glasses offer.

Dedicated motion sensor
Reduces motion sickness

Experience a whole world of difference with Mi VR. With
our system-level optimizations, sensitivity increases 16
times and detects the slightest movements. This ensures
that the movements and the picture are in sync. So even
prolonged use, you won`t experience motion sickness.

Drag to see 360° view

Experience Mars with "Hello Mars"

Embark on a space mission with Mi VR. Fully immerse with our system-level optimizations
and explore Mars at a whole new level. Only available in China.

16ms ultra-low latency,
smooth frame transitions

For VR glasses and smartphones to work seamlessly,
we have rewritten the MIUI infrastructure. We have
extended the capabilities of our high-end smartphones
and locked our processors in high frequency mode.
Coupled with ATW algorithm, we have achieved a low
latency of 16ms per image transition, so images are
vivid, and looks realistic.

9-axis inertial motion controller, supports touch controls

Extend and experience more with our 9-axis inertial motion controller. Shoot light rays or fly
high just by waving your hands.

Pick up the remote and start playing "Dream Flight"!

With Mi VR, the experience is not just limited to shaking your head. Pick up the 9-axis inertial
motion controller to extend your combat capabilities. Available in China only.

MIUI VR edition
A step ahead in virtual reality

MIUI VR edition is specially tailored for the VR platform. On top of new content, also expect an all-new MIUI VR
dashboard where you can easily switch to on your phone and other VR platforms.

Hottest games, latest 3D blockbusters

Growing library of content updated real-time, only available in China

Play exciting games such as "Hello Mars" and "Skeleton Sea" VR edition on your Mi VR.
Exciting content awaits with the all-new 3D variety shows, concerts, and motion pictures.

  • Elevate to a whole new experience with the
    latest VR videos, panoramic content, concert,
    and even IMAX movies on iQIYI VR channel.
    Only available in China.

  • View exclusive VR content, movies, and 3D
    panoramic MV on Mi VR. Watch your favorite
    NBA game on Youku VR channel. Only available
    in China.

  • Hello Mars uses real-time data and provides the
    most realistic experience of landing on Mars. Drive
    a spaceship, explore a whole new adventure with
    Mi VR. Only available in China.

  • Ever wanted to fly? Take flight and soar like an
    eagle, explore the oceans and villages, and
    immerse yourself in realistic flight simulation.
    Only available in China.

A high-end mobile accessory

Compatible with Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, and Mi Note 2. 3D images and effects are more vivid with Snapdragon
820 / 821 processors and Adreno 530 graphics card that have been optimized for VR. Also supports USB Type-C port.

1. 16 times increase in sensitivity: the refresh rate of the Mi VR is 1600Hz, which is 16 times higher than the refresh rate of mobile phones, which is 100Hz. Data according to suppliers.
2. 16ms ultra-low latency and 103° visual angle field: data according to internal Xiaomi laboratory results.
3. MIUI VR edition: will be released together with MIUI 8.
The data above may vary slightly with different test versions and testing environment.

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