Mi Wireless Car Charger

Delivers up to a blazing 20W of wireless charging power*
Rs 8,999

Smart Automatic Sensor Design

Automatic opening and clamping design which can be operated with one hand and make everything
easier and safer. Just place your phone inside the holder, the clamps will close and provide a strong
stable hold. A gentle touch on the sides of the mobile phone, the arms would automatically open.
  • 20W Wireless Charging

    Faster than standard wireless car chargers
  • Motorized Clamps

    Automatic opening and clamping design
  • Overheating Protection

    Higher cooling efficiency
  • Smart Compatibility

    Compatible with a variety of models

20W MAX Fast Wireless Charging*

20W high power output can make the Mi 9 power quickly return from 0 to 45% in half an hour, only 90 minutes at a time. *
* Support MIX 3 10W, MIX 2S, iPhone X and other models of 7.5W fast charge.

Advanced Automatic Clamping Technology

Once the phone is getting close, it will be detected by the built-in infrared sensor and hold tight by the
mounting arms automatically. No need to worry about dropping even on the bumpy roads. With the
multi-angle adjustment, you can always enjoy a comfortable view.

Wireless Charging, Hassle-free Driving*

With the stable charging distance up to 4mm, you can charge your mobile phone with a protective cover

High-tech and Stylish Design

The 2.5D glass material is used as the charging panel to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the car charger and make the charging faster. The blue ring-shaped welcome light lights up after the power is turned on, and it can be seen at night when driving.

Double Heat Dissipation

The independent fan in the car charger can be intelligently adjusted with the temperature, and actively reduce heat. The built-in metal bracket provides fast heat transfer and passive heat dissipation. In high-power charging, dual heat dissipation can greatly reduce the charging time. At the same time, it can provide multiple protections to easily deal with various conditions such as short circuit and overvoltage.
  • Temperature Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Power Protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Double Heat Dissipation

Easy Install, Multiple Solutions

The bracket can be easily installed by pressing the crocodile clips with a bayonet cap
and inserting the air outlet. It can also be fixed by using the attached flat-padded
base to adapt to various models and positions.

Standard Paste Base*

For a variety of modes

Flexible Silicone Protection

Prevent damage to the air outlet

Comes with Adapter

No extra purchase required

Reserved Base Design

Non-wireless charging phones can also be used

* Mi wireless car charger 20W high-power wireless charging function needs to use the standard adapter, only compatible with Mi 9, does not support 5V/1A car adapter input.

* As of February 20, 2019, Mi Wireless Car Charger is the highest output product in Xiaomi Wireless Chargers.

* Test data from the Zi Mi laboratory. Test conducted on Xiaomi Mi 9 system version MIUI, the test was conducted under standard room temperature using 27W adapter, and the mobile phone was in the bootblack screen flight mode.

* The case height should be no thick than 4 mm. Ensure that there are no metallic objects between the surface of the wireless charger and your phone. Avoid using a metallic protective case.

* When attaching the sticker stand to your car, ensure the sticky side is clean and smooth. As forcible removal of the sticker stand may damage the interior of your car, it is recommended that you contact a professional agency to attach or remove the sticker stand.

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