Mi Portable Flashlight

Innovative 11 adjustable modes
11-mode adjustable brightness | Minimalist design | 3350mAh lithium battery | Charge your phone
Mi Portable Flashlight

Let the beam of light accompany you
through each dark way on your path

Through the night in the city, surrounded by the light and dark areas.
This is a beam of light that helps at night, every move is better prepared.

Let the light beam, accompanied
by you in the darkness of night

For the speeding knights on the road, the darkness is by no reason
to stop moving forward. This light will help you move forward.

Rotatory design with 11 brightness modes which are easy to switch

Mi Portable Torch uses a digital encoder structure designed in such a way, that allows you to adjust the brightness by gently rotating the head, there are as many as 11 dimming modes to choose from. Head has built-in Lumi LED lamp beads that can go upto maximum brightness of 240lm.

Mi Portable Flashlight

Aluminum body, minimalist design

Mi portable flashlight minimalist design, will subvert your inherent impression of the flashlight. Made of aluminum alloy body, both durable and full of texture. White body and silver lamp complement each other, And the whole weight is only 103g, lightweight and exquisite, inside and outside.

Mi Portable Flashlight
Mi Portable Flashlight

Large-capacity lithium battery, and brighter lighting

Mi Flashlight is equipped with a 3350mAh lithium-ion battery from Panasonic/LG, can support up to 216 minutes of bright lighting. More intelligent temperature control function, so you can light for longer than usual, the set temperature automatically reduce the brightness to adjust the temperature, to ensure the safety.

216 min

Bright Lighting
Mi Portable Flashlight

The SOS mode to help you out of danger

Quickly hit the function key three times you can switch to the Xiaomi portable flashlight SOS mode,
then the flashlight will be sending out SOS signal to help you get out of the danger in time.

Mi Portable Flashlight
Mi Portable Flashlight

Charge your smart devices

USB charging interface design

Built-in silicon force SY6918 smart chip compatible with the market mainstream mobile phone products and electronic equipment to fulfill your charging needs at the time of need, It also can charge small devices like Mi Band 2 or Bluetooth headset by providing low current. Lightning or charging it will exceed your expectation.

* This product can charge the equipment with 5V input voltage.
Press the function key twice shortly to enter the low current discharge mode.
This product can not turn on the lighting function at the same time when charging the smart device.
Mi Portable Flashlight

Combine with smart accessories

Can be used with Mi Fan and other portable accessories, to bring you more fun.

* All the above data is from the laboratory, the actual use may vary due to changes in the objective environment or error.
Mi Portable Flashlight

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