Mi Electric Water Kettle

An easy, attractive way to heat water in no time.
Fast boiling|304 stainless steel wall|1.5L large capacity|Concealed heating element|13cm large diameter
Rs 6,099
Mijia Electric Water Kettle

1.5 litre capacity, convenient storage

Boil up to 1.5L of water, from a single cup for tea to enough for a pot of pasta, quickly and safely

Mijia Electric Water Kettle

Boils Water in Minutes

1500 watts of heating power brings a full pot of water to a boil in minutes, creating healthy cooking and drinking water.
Automatic shut-off feature ensures the kettle will never boil dry.

000°C Mijia Electric Water Kettle
Mijia Electric Water Kettle
Mijia Electric Water Kettle

Safer Water by Design

Stainless Steel Interior

All Interior and other components are made with GB4806 standard selection of high quality 304 stainless steel with unibody construction to ensure no plastic parts touch your hot water. This stainless steel material is very safe and widely used in the medical and food industries, and is not easy to rust.

Mijia Electric Water Kettle
Mijia Electric Water Kettle

Precise British STRIX

High-quality thermostat

Compared to the ordinary thermostat, Mi Kettle uses the British strix kettle thermostat inside which ensure the temperature control more precise and use more durable. At the same time STRIX thermostat can be used up to 10,000 times for longer life expectancy.

Soft opening lid to prevent splashing

After you push the release button, the lid opens slowly to 30°, which releases steam gradually and prevents any unwanted splashing of boiling hot water. You can use this kettle without fear of any frightening steam or liquid burns.

Mijia Electric Water Kettle

Wide opening for easy cleaning.

Comes with a 130mm cover which can be opened up to 75 degrees so that the inside can be accessed for cleaning using the hand. Ordinarily, the cover only opens up to 30 degrees when the open button is pressed but the extension is possible for cleaning.

Mijia Electric Water Kettle

Double layer stay-cool handle

Mi electric kettle comes with hollow layer inside which ensures that even when the water is boiling at 100°C, the body doesn’t get more than 40°C hot so you can easily handle filling and pouring of water.

Mijia Electric Water Kettle

Boil water quickly, safely and beautifully

Mi Electric Kettle provides peace of mind through thoughtful
details like an auto shut-off safety feature and well-designed
power connector to provide thermal shock protection.

  • Shock protection
  • Boil-dry safety protection
  • Safety Auto Shut-Off
Mijia Electric Water Kettle
Mijia Electric Water Kettle

Visual LED lights, boiling water at a glance

LED shell adopts hidden dull polish material ensuring the light is not too bright even in the dark.

Power cord storage, neat and beautiful

Extra length of the power cord can be wrapped around the base, neat and beautiful design.

Mijia Electric Water Kettle
Mijia Electric Water Kettle
Mijia Electric Water Kettle
Mijia Electric Water Kettle
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