Mi Smart Band 4

Change, starting from today
smart bracelet with color screen,
heart rate & sports activities*
Rs 3,999 Rs 5,499

Changing 62 million band users worldwide*
starting from today, time to change

Get friendly guidance and serious motivation to build healthy
habits that help you reach your weight and fitness goals
  • New true color screen

    More than 380 personality expressions*
  • 6-axis sensor

    From professional sports to fitness routine
  • Wrist swimming coach

    Swimming recognition, 50m waterproof*
  • Heart rate warning

    24 hours precision heart rate monitor
  • Sleep tracking & stages

    Track time in light, deep and REM sleep stages
  • Reminders to move

    Keep moving toward your goals with reminders
  • Sports modes

    Swim, run & see real-time stats
  • Notifications at glance

    Get call, calendar, text, and app alerts
NFC Version
  • Wearable artificial intelligence

    Voice control band, mobile phone
  • Smart home control center

    Voice control of home appliances*
  • Built-in voice commands

    102 intelligent voice commands*
  • Hand swipe

    Bus cards, access cards, alipay

You want it? You got it
380 + personality expressions

Make it yours by choosing from a variety of interchangeable bands
and unique faces like the legend of qin, lol & hey, ali a little tale,
and many more, that fit your style
New AMOLED color screen not only is the brightness increased,
but the display area is increased by 39.9%* see more at a glance
Stay connected to what matters most with texts,
calls and calendar alerts and see notifications
from apps like Facebook and WhatsApp
Change, more subtle
sports coach on your wrist
your every move, precisely monitored
  • Tug of War

    Whether it is a fast-burning tug of war game or aerobic exercises
    calories, heart rate, etc. during exercise can all be recorded

  • Walking

    5 points core data recording helps you
    improve the efficiency of walking

  • Riding

    Mountain biking, road cycling, real-time feedback of heart rate
    interval improves ride quality and avoids excessive fatigue

  • Swimming/Surfing

    50 meters waterproof, 5 stroke recognition Records 12
    data items such as pace and swimming stroke rate

  • Running

    Tracks frequency and pace data during sprinting and
    long-distance running, can reduce sports injuries

More abundant change,
track sleep duration and stages
activities to help you be energetic
Accurately monitor night sleep

Monitors deep sleep, light sleep, heart rate
and other data analysis to help you adjust
your sleep habits

Wristband alarm clock

Intelligent, light vibration, wakes you up more comfortably,
and doesn’t disturb the people around you.

Mi Fit APP

Not only does it provide continuous heart rate, sleep and other
health data recording, it allows various activity modes and exercises
which help to enhance your vitality and reduce fat.

More powerful change,
24-hour heart rate detection
always-on heart monitoring
24 hours heart rate warning

Ready for people with active lifestyle when the heart rate
is too high, the vibration reminds you to pay attention

Sedentary reminder

Engrossed in a sedentary activity?
the band will remind you to get up and walk
stay focused towards a better physical state

Payment, made efficient
bus card, access card, Alipay
stretch out your hand & pay!
*Bus card, Access card support is only for Mi Band 4 NFC version
The band is your pass
get on the bus, fast!

Supports public transportation in 187 cities across China, get on and off the bus or enter and exit the subway station. No need to search for physical cards, just brush your band at the counter. It also supports Access Card simulation.

*Please refer to the bus city page for specific supported cities.
Alipay on your wrist
stretch your hand, pay fast!

Left swipe takes you to the Alipay payment code screen; complete payments quickly and easily at shopping, toll stations, etc.

*This feature is supported in both Standard and NFC versions.
Change, smarter
24 hours personally tailored voice commands
Get your work done by using your voice
*Voice function works only in Mi Band 4 NFC version
Click to watch
Sports, alarms, heart rate, reminders,
use all the common functions with a
simple swipe to the right
Weather, stocks, movies, celebrities,
encyclopedia, songs and other information
slide to the right, one sentence query*
Control smartly, smart home control
center on your wrist! control the smart
home appliances in one sentence
*Voice function is only supported in Mi Band 4 NFC version
Find a mobile phone and put on music
silent mode* and other mobile phone
operations slide to the right, control
with one word
Mi desk lamp, air conditioner, sweeping robot,
rice cookers, purifiers, slide to the right,
control in a one sentence
Monitor, more smartly
20 days of battery life*
20 days of heath monitoring
*20 days long battery life is for the Mi Band 4 standard version
Mi Band 4
Avengers Series
Limited Edition
*Avengers Limited Edition Band is the standard version of the bracelet
  • Exclusive nameplate tag
    official limited production
    exclusive collection
  • Captain America, Marvel, Iron Man,
    custom wristbands paying tribute
    to the classic screen hero flicks
  • Welcome to the Avengers club,
    lift your wrist to show your
    Avengers badge
Mi Band 4

Change starting from today
AI color screen heart rate sports band*

Mi Band 4 (Standard version)
Mi Band 4 NFC version
Mi Band 4
(Avengers Series Limited Edition)


• Changed the lifestyle of 62 million people globally. According to the data of IDC`s first quarterly report of the wrist wearable device market in the first quarter of 2019, Xiaomi bracelet ranked first in the world. The cumulative shipment of Xiaomi bracelet series is 66.77 million units. The statistics start and end time is from 2014 Xiaomi bracelet 1 to the first quarter of 2019;

• 300 individual combinations means that the Mi Band 4 will have 60 different color themes, combined with 5 different color wristbands, there will be 300 different combinations;

• 50 meters waterproof, 50 meters waterproof according to GB/T 30106-2013, passed the national watch quality supervision and inspection center inspection, Mi Band 4 standard version waterproof rating report number: QT1902005; Mi Band 4 NFC version waterproof rating report number: QT1902006 . Waterproof rating 5ATM (equivalent to underwater depth of 50 meters). It can be worn in the shower, while swimming in the pool and swimming in the shallows, but not for saunas and diving;

• The display area increased by 39.9% compared to the Mi Band 3. Mi Band 3 display size is 17.26mm long and 9.66mm wide; Mi Band 4 display size is 21.6mm long and 10.8mm wide; pass (10.8x21.6-9.66x17.26)/(9.66x17 .26) so by calculation, the display area of ​​the Mi Band 4 is increased by 39.9% compared with the Mi Band 3;

• Mi Band 4 Standard 20-Day Battery Data is measured by the Huami Technology Sports Lab: using factory default settings, turned on 30-minute automatic heart rate detection, receive and display 100 notifications per day, 2 alarms per day, vibrate for 5 seconds, touch the button every day to display the time 10 times, and start the APP to synchronize the data once a day. In actual use, battery life is related to various factors such as setting, operation and use environment, and may differ from laboratory data;

• Images are for reference only, font may be slightly different from actual product.

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