Mi Band 5

Reignite Power
Rs 5,499
  • Dynamic color large display

    Dynamic display, 100+ themed dials
  • 11 sport modes

    Rowing, rope skipping, yoga and elliptical
  • 50 meters waterproof

    Wearable in shower and swimming
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring

    Real-time monitoring, heart rate warning
  • 24-hour sleep monitoring

    REM rapid eye movement, sporadic naps
  • Female health feature

    Periods record and reminder
  • 14 days long battery life

    Long battery life mode
  • Magnetic charging

    Disassembly-free direct charge
NFC Version
  • Wearable artificial intelligence

    Voice control band, mobile phone
  • Smart home control center

    Voice control of home appliances*
  • Built-in voice commands

    102 intelligent voice commands*
  • Hand swipe

    Bus cards, access cards, alipay

I can, reignite my power!

1000+ personality combinations
rekindle the wrist withvitality
* Refers to 100+ online theme dials and custom wallpapers, combined with 8 wristbands for free combination on band screen.

1.1" large display with dynamic colors
all information on one screen

The display area is again increased by about 20%, so that incoming calls, messages, and
reminders are all clearly visible, and for the first time looked like the dynamic dial display

Display area approximately

The classics you like
from now on, in one band

The app has built-in 100+ themed dials and for the first time
support for dial function customization.

8-color summer vitality wristbands
there is always one that hits your heart

Which one do you like? Is it the sunshine of a different color i.e. vibrant yellow, or the pure light
green of the fresh grass. Up to 8 colors, just to add some freshness to your summer outfit.
Full coverage of indoor and outdoor sports
rekindling theweight losson the wrist

11 professional sports modes
exercise more and get slimmer

For the first time, it supports yoga, rowing machine for shaping and reducing fat, skipping ropes,
etc., accurately monitoring and analyzing each sports posture, Heart rate, pace, and calorie
consumption help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Super fat reduction rowing machine mode
can exercise 80% of muscle groups at once

Want to lose body fat quickly? This workout can exercise almost all muscle groups
at once, and accurately record each pull, the time of collecting oars and the
frequency of strokes to achieve a high-efficiency fat burning effect.

  • Pulling time
  • Retract time
  • Paddle frequency
  • Yoga Mode

    Body shaping + stretch

    The best choice for body shaping, exercise the overall stretch,
    flexibility, coordination, each action only needs to last 3 to 5
    minutes, you can achieve the effect of improving body
    stiffness and body shaping.

  • Rope Skipping Mode

    Strong cardiopulmonary + fat

    Continuous and rapid jumping can increase heart rate in a very
    short period of time and consume calories, while continuous heart
    rate increase can accelerate blood circulation in the body, so that
    your cardiopulmonary ability is strengthened.

  • Indoor Cycling Mode

    Dynamic high burning + sweat

    The sweating in aerobic exercise is not fun but crazy
    sweating in different riding rhythms strengthens the leg
    strength and beautify lower body shape.

  • Elliptical Mode

    Minimal damage + fat loss

    It is the first choice for people with large body weight to reduce fat, working
    out for the strength of the lower limbs while minimizing the degree of knee
    damage. Increase resistance and start exercising now.

24-hour intelligent heart rate monitoring
Understands every anomaly and discomfort

Comprehensive upgrade to algorithm and hardware which enables irregular
movements such as trail running, mountain climbing, and hiking to monitor accuracy
up to 50%, it can also vibrate when your heart rate is abnormal.

  • PPG Biosensor

    Up to 50% increase in accuracy
  • Heart Rate Warning

    High heart rate vibration reminder
Exercising at high frequencies


Abnormal heart rate


Daily condition


Resting period


* 1. The hardware upgrade is only in NFC version.
2. The chart is only used as a function description, not the actual display interface.

24-hour sleep monitoring
Simply a good night`s sleep

Upgraded sleep analysis technology, the accuracy rate is again improved by 40%,
which can professionally interpret the sleep characteristics of each period, and provide
scientific advice for you to quickly optimize problems such as insomnia.

  • REM Sleep / REMS

    Important stage of recovery
  • Sporadic Naps

    The quality of nap time can also be recorded
  • Infrared Detection*

    No visible light interference at night
* 1. The infrared detection function is only supported by Mi Band 5 NFC version. 2. The chart is only used as a function description, not the actual display interface.

Three health modes
Help you say goodbye to sub-health

Personal vitality index

Evaluate individuals based on data such as gender,
age and heart rate Vitality index, and provide vitality
improvement exercise guidance.

Stress monitoring

Understand personal stress status at all times, and
guide when pressure is too high to help timely
stress relief and recovery.

Breathing Training

Quickly release physical and mental stress, showing
rhythm with the wrist band and helps perform
breath training for 1 ~ 5 minutes.

New female health feature
of recording and reminding
of monthly periods

The physiological period and ovulation period can be recorded,
Mi Band 5 not only remind before coming but also the longer you
use this feature, the better it gets in reminding you prior.

Mi Fit App daily health
data at a glance

Your daily heart rate, exercise mileage, and sleep problems
are all in one display, you can also customize data in the
app according to your own desire.

New magnetic charging
Touch and charge

  • 14Days

    Standard/NFC Version

    Typical mode endurance

  • 20Days

    Standard Edition

    Long battery life mode

One-key remote control
take selfies and take photos
without asking for help

More Intimate Features

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• Increased display area by approximately 20%: Mi Band 5 display area increased by approximately 20% compared to Mi Band 4, data from Huami Lab.

• Dial function customization: some dials support custom display content; you can choose the favorite or commonly used functions to display on the dial according to your needs.

• The accuracy of heart rate detection is increased by up to 50%: refers to the improvement of accuracy in irregular sports environments such as cross-country running, mountain climbing, hiking, etc. Compared with the test of Mi Band 4, the test data comes from Huami Lab.

• 50 meters waterproof: 50 meters waterproof According to GB/T 30106-2013, passed the National Watch Quality Supervision and Inspection Center test, Mi Band 5 standard version waterproof rating report number: QT2003010. Waterproof level 5ATM (equivalent to 50 meters underwater). Can be worn in showers, swimming pools, and shoals, but not for saunas and diving.

• Personal vitality index: refers to the PAI vitality index in the band, which is a creative new system that converts your heart rate data into a single personal score, showing the amount of activity required to maintain health.

• Mi Band 5 Standard Edition Typical Mode 14-day endurance test conditions: the device is fully charged, 30 minutes of automatic heart rate detection is turned on, wrist bright screen is turned on, and others are the factory default settings; 100 notifications are received and displayed every day, and 2 alarms per day, Vibrate for 5 seconds, trigger the wrist bright screen 100 times a day, and start the app to synchronize the data once a day.

• Mi Band 5 Standard Edition long battery life mode 20-day battery life test conditions: the device is fully charged, turn off all-day automatic heart rate monitoring, heart rate-assisted sleep detection, and wrist-lift screen function, receive and display 100 notifications per day; 2 alarm clocks per day, Vibrate for 5 seconds, touch the button 10 times a day to display the time, start the app every day to synchronize the data.

• The endurance test data are all from Huami Laboratories. In actual use, the battery life is related to various factors such as settings, operation, and use environment, and may differ from the laboratory data.

• The structural pictures displayed in the whole description are functional schematic diagrams, not absolute actual photos, nor actual objects shall prevail.

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