breathe only fresh and

healthy air in car

cheer up our lungs, blood and

every cell in our bodies

just like we are in forest

everything is fresh and peaceful

High-Efficiency Purifier
Clean air of a car in 3 minutes

Air pollution has been a major issue recently as global leaders gears themselves towards enforcement of strict rules
to provide cleaner air for everyone in this planet, the quality of each breath directly affects the health of every cell in
our body. The enclosed environment in the car makes it impossible for the air circulate efficiently. The Mi Car Air
Purifier has a high-purity filter cartridge with a clean air output ratio (CADR) of up to 60m3/h. It takes 3 minutes on a
sedan, 5 minutes on a SUV and 7 minutes on a commercial van to clean up the air inside!

  • 20times per hour
  • 60m³/h purification capacity (CADR value)

*3 minutes is the laboratory measurement value of a sedan (about 3m³).

Air circulation from rear to front
allows clean air to fill every corner of the car

According to the internal structure of the car, it is recommended to install the Mi Car Air Purifier on
the back of the headrest of the rear seat so that the purified clean air circulates smoothly throughout
the cabin allowing rapid flow along the roof to the driving cabin, then along the door side, the car
floor, from the front row to the rear diffuse to the entire cabin.

  • 3m³ Sedan purification in about 3min
  • 5m³ SUV purification in about 5min
  • 7m³ Commercial vehicle purification in about 7min

Dual-Fan Design
Quick and Effective

03 sides ventilation

Three sides recycling ventilation to enlarge
ventilation area and enhance purifying efficiency

Dual-Fan Design
Quick and Effective

Double blower fan

The unique double-fan design fully optimizes the air
duct curve to make the air flow at the outlet smoother,
while increasing the air pressure, the air volume and
the wind speed can also be sustained and stable.

  • Centrifuge Turbo Fan

    Adopting coaxial double fans, 74 pieces fan blades to increase wind pressure and stabilize wind speed with low noise.

  • Effective Brushless DC Motor

    We adopted reliable components to achieve dozens of turns per minute to thousands of turn minute easily.

  • Dust Sensor

    It can real-time check the value of PM2.5 to adjust clean level intelligent.

  • Superior Filter

    Barrel shape filter which ventilates from three sides to guarantee air supply and the efficiency of particles filtration.

High-Quality Filter

Purification of the air purifier depends on the quality of the filter. The filter element from
Japan Toray used for efficient filtration of pollen and other invisible particles. One-piece
360° barrel filter design to fully increase the contact area of the filter and air pollution,
effectively enhance the purification capacity.

Low Noise, Quiet Air Purifier

Emitting only 42 dB of noise (for 30m3/h CADR with silent mode), which is less
than your kitchen dishwasher, it allows to make phone calls or have a peaceful
conversation with a back-seat passenger.

  • Noise as low as42dB(A)
  • Rated power6.5w

Easy Innovative Installation

Smart mounting solutions for stable installation in the front,
on the dashboard, at the back of the front seats and in the
back on the quarterdeck, Keep stable even driving on the
tough road. Fresh Air won’t be absent in your journey.

Intelligent APP Control
Air quality at a glance

Open Mi Home APP, view real-time air quality changes of the car, and according to The actual need to adjust for their own work mode.

  • Air quality in the car
  • Filter replacement reminder

Trustworthy, Well-known Component Suppliers

  • Filter
    Toray, a well-known chemical company in Japan
  • Bluetooth Chip
    Dialog, the world`s leading Bluetooth chip maker
  • Sensors
    Amphenol Industrial for the Automation
  • Motor Components
    world famous ball bearing motor brand
  • Plastics
    BASF, a well-known chemical company in Germany
  • Plastics
    LG Chem, a well-known chemical company

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), refers to the air purifier`s ability to purify target pollutants (particulate matter and gaseous pollutants) under rated conditions and specified test conditions, indicating that the air purifier provides clean air. Its unit is cubic meters per hour (m3/h).

All the above data are from R&D Labs. The actual data will be different due to the the specific test environment, and the specific version.

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