Mi Power Strip 6-SocketsBasic Edition

Compact design, save your space

1mm² Wire/3 USB Charging Ports/Multiple Security
Rs 4,699

Elegant Plug-in Board

Following the concept of “Power Strip as Artworks”, the combination of six new international standard sockets, the design is still small and simple, save your desktop space. Switch from the original 3-in 1 switch to a more secure micro-switch, while still retaining the three 5V 2.1A USB charging port. In order to make life a little better, we have been working hard.

  • 3 x USB Ports
  • 6 × Power Socket
  • Overload Protection
  • 5000 Times Tested
  • 750° Flame Retardant

Fulfill your living room requirements without taking much space

There is often a lot of equipment in the living rooms like TV cabinet, TV, router, speaker, Mi box and home theater. Mi power strip 6-sockets version with 3 USB ports is all you need to meet your requirements.

Fulfill your kitchen requirements without taking much space

A seemingly simple breakfast, but it takes a lot of steps to complete. Oil porridge, boil water, boiled eggs, squeezed fresh fruit juice, machine for you to make a cup of coffee. Mi power strip 6-sockets version supports the maximum power 2500W, to meet the high power kitchen appliances power supply needs.

Fulfill your meeting room requirements without taking much space

In conference room we bring PC, mobile phones, projectors, printers and many other office equipments, we often encounter a situation where sockets are not enough to power the devices, now with more than 3 power sockets and 3 USB charging ports, the meeting board only needs a Mi power strip 6-sockets version, so you can power all the devices at the same time.

Electricity safety, starting from the material
Safer integrated copper belt process

We use high quality tin phosphor bronze as an important conductive material inside. Its the best conductor of electricity, and with a high wear resistance characteristics to avoid fire safety risk.

Hidden LED light
Safer Micro Switch

We changed the previous 3-in-1 switch to a micro switch which has a better feel. The difference is that after the power switch is disconnected, the micro switch is turned off and you will need to press the button again after reconnecting, this will protect the electrical appliances and is more secure.

Mi Power Strip 6-Sockets

A work of art to makes your life easier
1mm² Wire/3 USB Charging Ports/Multiple Security

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