Mi Power Strip

A work of art to makes your life easier
3 Power sockets, 3 USB ports, 2A quick charging

Rs 2,799

Like a work of art, so that life could be a little easier
Every house needs a plug board, but what we get from market is very low quality and old technology. Xiaomi has designed a power strip that accommodate needs of house in elegant way, as smart devices are becoming part of our life charging needs is increasing thats why it includes 3 USB ports for your charging needs. Its been re-design in appearance of the product, carved carefully and have many security features which will make your life better and secure.
  • 3 x USB Ports
  • 3× Power Socket
  • Overload Protection
  • 5000 Times Tested
  • 750°C Flame Retardant
3 USB charging ports, your “Original” charger
Intelligent chip automatically allocate power for your devices
Provided three USB charging ports, performance is comparable to the original charger. You can charge your smartphone, tablet, e-books and digital cameras and other commonly used devices. With the unique onboard USB smart charging chip, which can automatically identify the device, also supports 2A fast charge. Safe charging power, does not damage the battery life. 20μA leakage protection threshold, effective protection of personal safety. Power conversion rate of 82%, compared to the original charger, more energy, and more efficient.
(100-240V Full voltage only supports USB module)
  • A
    Support Fast Charge
  • %
    Power Conversion Rate
  • μA
    Leakage Protection Threshold

Electricity safety, starting from the material

High-quality tin phosphor bronze, safer integrated copper belt process
We used high quality phosphor bronze which is the most important conductive material inside, Its the best conductor of electricity, and with a high wear resistance characteristics.

Triple Security
Safety Guaranteed

  • Anti-short-circuit design by
    Joemex, 20 years of professional experience

    When electricity load exceeds the standard, there is always the risk of overload short circuit and fire. We have used the nearly 20 years of professional overload protector design experience, from the Joemex, for our overload protection, In the event of overload the power will cut off in time to effectively avoid the risk of accidental fire and short circuit. After troubleshooting, press the switch to recover in normal use.

    Overload protection
  • High flame retardant standards to
    effectivelt prevent fire hazards

    High flame retardant standard, effectively prevent fire hazards. We use high quality PC material with flame retardant composition, with flame retardant temperature test up to 750°C, it is in fully lined with the international standards.

    Flame retardant
  • Independent Security Door
    Prevents childern from touching

    Children do not know what is dangerous, they may try to insert finger or a metal object to the electric sockets. In order to prevent the occurrence of such event, we added independent safety doors on each socket. Single hole need to be pushed by 75 Newton (15 pounds) or more effort is required to open the door. but when a ordinary plug is inserted, you only need the appropriate force to open the security door.

    Safety door for childern
Overload protection
750°C Flame Retardant
Safety Door for Childern

Minimilistic design

So that every detail of the home becomes beautiful, even a socket board, we have also customized core components, optimized the internal structure. using a more compact overload protector, a smart fast charge function, thin body of 26 mm, covers an area of a pencil case size, simple, exquisite, small, suitable for travel when carrying, doesn`t take up more suitcase space, so that the journey is more convenient.

Build with same process,
like mobile phones

In accordance with requirements of home decoration, we use the same production process which is used in mobiles, one-time non-mark injection molding to get delicate and concise appearance. What`s more, different processes are applied on the top and side surface. Grind frosting processing on top surface to prevent scratches effectively, And side mirror polishing is used to blend with the surrounding environment.
  • Mi Power Strip 3 USB 3 Sockets
  • Mi Power Strip 3 USB 3 Sockets
  • Mi Power Strip 3 USB 3 Sockets
  • Mi Power Strip 3 USB 3 Sockets
  • Mi Power Strip 3 USB 3 Sockets
  • Mi Power Strip 3 USB 3 Sockets
  • Mi Power Strip 3 USB 3 Sockets
  • Mi Power Strip 3 USB 3 Sockets

Four anti-skid pads

In order to make the plug board more stable on the desktop, we added a non-slip feet in the screw position, always maintaining a simple appearance, while making it applicable to all types of desktops.

The tiny little plug
makes your wall look more neat

Ultra-thin small plug, similar to the size of the bottle cap. In line with industry standards, while making furniture more reasonable, better use of each space.

Hidden LED light

Good design with care of every little detail, even the indicator light, we also carefully tuned the color and brightness, instead of old eye-catching red light, we used soft white light to make it more comfortable and user friendly.

Mi Power Strip

A work of art to makes your life easier

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Due to the implementation of the new national standard (GB 2099.7-2015), since January 10, 2010 shipments of Mi Power Strip (Including 3 USB 2A) will be in accordance with the requirements of the new national standard, the wire cross-sectional area from 0.75mm² changed to 1mm².

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