Mi Smart WiFi SocketBasic Edition

Control your devices from anywhere

Overload protection | Self closing door | Fireproof material | 3C security
Note: APP Plugin is in chinese
Rs 3299

No matter how far you are

now you can control your ordinary appliances by turning them into smart device by using smart socket, turn things on and off from your smartphone or tablet using the mobile app. The app is easy to use and it’ll send you customized notifications.

Create On/Off Schedules For Your Devices

Your devices should work for you whenever you want them to, right? We agree – and that`s why we made the Smart Plug.
You can set device schedules so that you walk into a brightly-lit home every day after work with your favorite song playing and the AC exactly where you want it.

Control and Automate without Getting Out of Bed

With a tap on your smartphone, you can easily turn off the lights and other devices in the living
room without getting out of bed, or conveniently schedule all lights to go off by midnight.
  • TV
  • Bulb
  • Audio
  • Cooker
  • AC
  • Kettle

Modern, Elegant, Simple

Inspired by a modern sensibility, the Smart Plug’s design is both simple and elegant, allowing it to blend seamlessly with existing decor.
Socket size

Ultra-high production process, 3 heavy safety protection

The case is made of 750 degree high temperature flame resistant material, interior is made of 0.6mm high quality carobronze, plug is made of 1.5mm brass,
If the temperature is too high, smart sockets will automatically cut off the power supply, reducing the risk.

  • High Temperature Reminder

    Chip to monitor the internal temperature
  • Independent Security Door

    Prevents childern or animals from touching
  • 750°C Falme Resistant

    Fire Resistant, in line with national safety standards.
  • 3C Security Certification

    In accordance with 3C to protect the personal safety of consumers and national security.

* Quality Certification Center CQC Certificate Number: CQC15003134306

3 Easy Steps to Connect

Simple and easy to use using Mi Home APP

When socket is flashing yellow, open smart home
App and Click on the upper right corner “+”
Select WiFi name and
enter password
When light turned blue,
you are connected.

* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.


• Exterior
Size: 55mm * 44mm * 31mm
Weight: 63.5g
Color: White
• Operation and connection
Connection: WiFi b/g/n
Button: Short press switch/long press reset
• Product specs
Input voltage: 90 ~ 250V
Maximum load: 2200W 10A
Operating temperature: 0°C - 40°C
• Product features
Material: 750°C high temperature & fire resistant material
Main chip: MW300
Temperature sensing: High temperature protection

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