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Mi Smart Power Strip

WiFi Power Strip 6-Sockets

Remote control|Timing switch|Energy saving|National standard 1mm² wire
Rs 3,850

Remotely Control Home Appliances

Remote control your household appliances from anywhere in the world at any time via your
smart phone or tablet at any internet connection. The Mi Smart WiFi Power Strip stays
connected to your home network, so you can access your devices as needed.

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Power Consumption Analysis

Mi Power Strip can help you analyze the energy consumption of your house. It will calculate
the electricity usage based on your activity for power saving, so you can figure out which
appliances consume the most power and can easily cut down electricity bill.

6 Sets of Plugs
Still small and compact

Mi Smart WiFi Power Strip adopts 2 new national standard five-sockets and three 3-positions, dual row design, which not only meets the needs of multiple devices for simultaneous use, but also maintains a compact and simple design.

Safety, starting from the material

We used high quality phosphor bronze which is the most important conductive material
inside, Its the best conductor of electricity, and with a high wear resistance characteristics,
and passed the international certification of TV-5 Matsushita (Panasonic®) Anti Surge relay.

  • Safety Door for Childern

    Each socket equipped with an independent security door to prevent children from touching

  • 750°C Flame Retardant

    In accordance with the US UL-94 highest flame-retardant level V-0.

  • Overload Protection

    When electricity load exceeds the standard, the power will cut off in time to effectively avoid the risk of fire.

  • Temperature Protection

    When motherboard temperature exceeds the 85°, the power will cut off in time to effectively avoid the risk of fire.

  • 5000 Times Tested

    Plug in / pull out each socket tested for over 5000 reliability tests.

Four anti-skid pads
Can be stably positioned

In order to make the plug board more stable on
the desktop, we added a non-slip feet in the screw
position, always maintaining a simple appearance,
while making it applicable to all types of desktops.

Ultra-tiny little plug
makes your wall look neat

Ultra-thin small plug, similar to the size of the bottle cap.
In line with industry standards, while making furniture
more reasonable, better use of each space.

3 Easy Steps to Connect

Simple and easy to use using Mi Home APP

Download Mi Home APP

Phone will find the device
and pop-up installation tips

1-click connection without
entering Wi-Fi password

Can be used with other products, more scenes and more surprises.

* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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