Mijia Dash Cam

Rs 10500
160° ultra wide angle
F 1.8 large aperture / Mstar 1080p processing chip
SONY IMX323 image sensor
* Does not contain memory card, support the use of Class 10 above 8G~ 64G TF card.

Reliable Driving Companion

With Seamless loop recording

Good Exposure
is the first step in ensuring nighttime imaging

Adequate light is prerequisite for generating high-definition images.
Especially in the dark environment, only enough amount of light to ensure that all the details of the image is completed.
Mijia Dash Cam is equipped with F1.8 large aperture, plus 6 groups of all glass spherical lens, each
lens has 9 layers of coating, increase the light transmittance, reduce the reflectivity, so that more high light achievement Quality image.
  • F1.8 Large Aperture
  • 6 Group of all glass lenses
  • Multi-Layer coating system
Click to view video
* Video taken by the MiJia Dash Camera. Time: August 04, 2017 19:40:59, Location: Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi.

SONY IMX323 Image Sensor

It is highly sensitive to light and
makes the record safe and secure

Mstar Full HD Processing

with full HD (1080p) image processing
technology and high-fidelity H.264 video encoding

160° field of video *
can easily cover multiple lanes

The 160° angle field measurement method is determined by the visible range diameter

Built-in gravity sensor

in the event of an emergency,
the recorder can protect the image data

Simple, convenient

you can watch and download
real-time recording

Self-priming electrostatic paste + high quality strong plastic stent

Practical & Beautiful

Recorder is fixed by self-priming electrostatic paste in the front of the wind glass, both solid and effective
to avoid the risk of falling off in high temperature conditions.
Seamless loading and unloading, leaving no trace of offset printing, the overall beauty of the protection

4 Steps Easy Installation

Stable and Worry Free

  • 1Install Static Paste *
  • 2Connect Cam to Bracket
  • 3Attach Bracket to Paste
  • 4Use Cigarette socket for power**
*The front windshield angle with ground 63° is not recommended like found in buses and trucks.
** It is recommended to unplug the recorder after the power supply to prevent the battery power failure.

Guidance for installation

* In order to take a wider picture, it is recommended that you install the recorder in the center of the front windshield.

What Package contains

  • Cam x 1
  • Bracket x1
  • Static Paste x2
  • Adapter x1
  • Pry Bar x1
  • Temperature Resist x2
  • 3.5m Cam Wire
* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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