Mi Home Smart CameraPTZ Version

All-round detection, guardian of each side

360° viewing angle|2304P resolution|Night vision|Motion detection
Rs 9,999

360° Pan / Tilt Panoramic Detection

Mi home samrt camera with dual motor head, can be free to rotate up and down, horizontal viewing angle of 360°, vertical viewing angle of 115°
minimize shooting dead angle, to achieve panoramic monitoring

Horizontal 360°|Vertical 115°|100.4° Wide angle

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

* Mi Home Smart Camera Perspective.

Install in any corner

It can be placed at the desktop, window, bedside, you can also flip and install it on the roof for better view.

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

Motion detection

Intelligent motion detection, alarm, snapshot, video recording, real-time App push notifications,
to prevent dangerous events.

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

AM 7:30

PM 1:36

PM 6:49

Night Vision Mode

Keep an eye on your home or business, even with little-to-no light.
Stay constantly connected around the clock with night vision range.

10 Stars 940 nm Infrared Fill Light|Auto Sensing Switch IR-CUT|High Speed Sensitive Silent Motor

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

Desktop floating video window

real-time understanding of home dynamic
Open the floating video window, so you can keep an eye on your home or business, always in the forefront of mobile phone.

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

* Available in Android Devices Only.

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

Super Wireless Signal For Smooth Video

no need to worry about the camera & router distance.

Independent antenna|rebuild WiFi module|optimize video frequency

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

Support variety of devices,
Online View

Support smart phones, tablet and TV remote view, with the home and work around, anytime, anywhere you can look at each place.

  • TV
  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

* Support Android 4.0 and iOS 7.0 version and above.

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

Triple Security, 3 kinds of storage methods

Support local Micro SD card storage, automatic cycle video, support binding Xiaomi router (built-in hard drive). a fixed time every day data backup,
In case of exception, can be recorded video storage to the cloud space, well secured, triple security for more peace of mind.

  • Local Micro SD card
  • Public cloud storage
  • Public cloud storage

For Every Place Of Life
All Day Care

  • Two-way audio
  • Data Encryption
  • Silent Night Vision
Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

Ultra-high value, Intimate design

unique style, one side cover and hidden T card design to make it more integrated
push the eeset button to highlight the intimate details.

One of the mask|Hidden T card|Body without extra keys

Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera
Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera
Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera
Mi Mijia 360° PTZ Camera

Easy to Setup

No need for complex wiring, just three steps to quickly connect

  • Install Mi home APP
  • Connect Camera to power
  • Find device and connect in App

* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.


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