Mi MiJia 360° Home Camera

Smart camera peaceful home

360° Panoramic|1080P HD Video|IR Night Vision|Multi-Angle|Two-way audio
Rs 8899
  • 360°Panoramic Shooting
  • 1080PHD Video
  • InfraredNight Vision
  • Multi-angleView
  • Smart DeviceTwo-way Audio

Simple and portable design

The first time you see a Mi home camera, you will find that it has a practical design, the overall flow of
the streamline round shape, with a white body, smart affinity. Using SABIC base material, comfortable
feel, equipped with Ø0.8MM CNC large proportion of horn hole, no rounded corners, while the
coated glass lens has a high permeability, very resistant to scratches.

See every corner of the room

Have a room you want to cover? The Mi 360° home camera has 85° vertical angle of view, using a dual-axis motor which means it can cover an entire room from the corner and most of any room from the wall.

  • 360° Panoramic
  • Vertical Angle 85°

Two-way voice communication

Enhanced Two-Way Talk feature not only lets you hear what’s going on around the camera but also allows
you to talk back through your phone, no matter where you are. Camera supports two-way voice and one-
way video calling, The Mi 360° Home Camera comes with a built-in speaker and microphone with
professional grade DSP to provide exceptional AV experiences.

Alerts you when
something happens

At work? On vacation? No matter where you are, You
can’t always be watching your video feed. Mi 360°
Home Camera looks for motion, If your pet enters an
“off-limits” room, the kids come home from school or
a window is shattered, you’ll immediately be notified
with a 10 seconds real-time video from the event.

Choose How to Save

In addition to microSD cards, Mi 360° Home Camera also supports the use of Cloud NAS
storage using compatible routers or other compatible storage devices. This allows for
local storage of videos to enhance security.

  • Mi Router Backup
  • Cloud NAS

Super IR Night Vision

Night vision features `non-invasive` 10 940nm infrared sensors
that functions even in pitch black, without disturbing those
being monitored. It also features an intelligent system to
ensure clear and high-quality images day and night.

A good partner for the whole family

Mi Home camera is not only a camera, but also an all-round helper. When shouting, “White looks
over,” you can easily turn on voice chat. High-sensitivity dual MIC achieves 180° direction of listening,
and the rotation motor is set to 90°/s. The rotation is as flexible as the human neck. You can consult
weather, temperature, time, date, arithmetic, Tang poetry, daily encyclopedias, and other issues, but
also let it tell you stories, jokes, etc., let it always stay with their families.

* Specific features suggest that you check the help in the app
  • Hi, Cam look over
  • i`m here!
  • What is the weather today in Lahore?
  • Today is cloudy...

Smart device, voice linkage, white AI

In addition to chat with you, give you a story, white smart cameras more intelligent devices to join the
voice control function, come home shouting "white, white, help me open the living room light", the living
room lights will automatically open, Before going to sleep in front of it says "white, white, help me close
the air purifier", the room air purifier will automatically shut down, and now the white smart cameras can
be linked meter home smart devices, real-time control switch , liberated his hands. Such an artificial intelligence Xiao Bai so that the whole family can not put it down.

  • Xiaobai, turn off the purifier
  • Air Purifier off!
  • 1080P Professional Chip
  • F1.8 Large Aperture
  • LDC Professional Lens
  • 1080P Full HD Video

    The 360° Home Camera provides up to 1080p Full HD streaming video to
    your mobile device. Industry-leading image processing chip Ambarella`s
    S2LM, United States OV HD high clearance sensor yielding vivid colors,
    brighter video and stunning detail.



  • F1.8 large aperture

    The 6-piece all-glass lens group boasts better optical performance, a high
    aperture of F1.8, and smart HDR technology that adapts intelligently to the
    lighting environment. The image can be clearly presented in both light
    and strong contrast lighting environments.

  • Lens Distortion Correction

    Say goodbye to warped images. With the use of EVETAR low distortion lens and
    Proprietary Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) technology. It restores and straightens
    the edges to make wide-angle images more natural.

Generous laboratory
Play with advanced features

In addition to the current features of the camera, in the future more artificial intelligence will be added, through the OTA updates, Mi Home camera will support the multiple cameras monitoring at the same time on pc and many more interesting ways to play will be constantly updated.

Easy to set up and use

Set-up in 3 simple steps! Open the Mi Home App and quickly connect with the people and place that are important to you.

  • Plug in the power cable
  • Download Mi Home APP
  • Tap Connect

* All data are provided by Chuangmi Labs. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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