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Nylon polarized lenses/ Comfortable rear frame
Rimless design/ 304H stainless steel/ Weighs only 18g *
Rs 10,499 Gray
Rs 10,499 Blue/Gold
* Subject to actual measurement
Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Mijia is the official brand of mi eco-chain "Mi Home"
Mijia has built its reputation by providing not only the constant high quality and value-added solution in the industry, but also providing a total commitment to customer satisfaction.​

Why do high-end sunglasses prefer nylon polarized lenses?

Nylon lens is a kind of ultra micro anti-ultraviolet transparent crystal material, as is widely used in aviation equipement, bullet-proof glass, military products
It has advantage of non scattering visible light but it can block UVA. UVB, different from the film isolation
Acting polarized lenses can filter glare light scattering & folding emitted light can seen truly present,
increase the color saturation, so that you have clearer field of vision.

  • Nylon polarized
  • Blocking
    UVA, UVB
  • Material light to
  • Impact
  • Strong
    and sturdy
  • Environment

Nylon lens + polarized film, effectively isolated glare

Nylon polarized lenses is effective against glare which scatter light and refraction light filter, which show you real vision by reducing fatigue
Lens selection of Japan imported polarized film, multi-layer protection, restore the true color, enhanced polarizing effect,
can be from all sides of the messy light, finishing with the eyes of the horizontal direction of the light so that wearers feel more comfortable.

Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses Ordinary sunglasses TS nylon polarized sunglasses

Blocking UVA, UVB, reduce visual fatigue

Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Lightweight lens material

The density of nylon polarized sunglasses is only 1.02g per cubic centimeter is one of the current lightweight lens materials

Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Sturdy and secure

Impact resistance lens in the event of strong impact crack is not broken, there is no crack debris.

Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Shifted backward design
for comfortable wear

In addition to the performance of the lens, the ergonomic design of the frame also determine the comfort of a paie of glasses or not, Its essence is how to deal with the location of the focus of the point, so the deployment of nose and foot sets of load-bearing ratio.

  • Center of gravity is about 8 mm
Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses
Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Blue and bright gold color, anti-reflective, wear-resistant film

Colorful film layer can block the lens surface reflection of ultraviolet rays, effectively eliminate the reflected light and scattered light, blocking strong light, so the visual image is clearer
Surface wear-resistant oil film layer, so that water droplets and oil cannot be adsorbed on the surface, easier to clean and maintain.

Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Comfortable clamping force

Relative to the general sunglasses clamping force reduced several times,
only 0.21N, significantly reduce the head pressure.

Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Integrated without welding frame,
“Rimless” Sunglasses

TS nylon polarized sunglasses with an integrated molding frame,
laser light carved one go, without welding,
the use of "Frameless" design, the steel wire is embedded within the lens frame,
slot line, achieve visually frameless, nylon strong and stable physical
properties, the whole glasses can be achieved in the lens of the bad process
so that the appearance of TS nylon polarized sunglasses stand out.

Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Slot on the lens, no border design

Using the frame embedded in the lens of the way, visually almost no box of feelings

Frameless Design Normal Frame Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

304h stainless steel,
high-strength light mirror body

TS uses a special nylon polarized sunglasses 304H stainless steel,
which carbon content is 25% higher than ordinary stainless steel.
so that when the frame becomes thinner, the whole frame weighs 6.74g*. * Subject to actual measurement

Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Food-grade silicone nose care material

As a part of the skin that is in direct contact with the human body, the choice of material for the nose pads and footwear is particularly important,
TS nylon polarized sunglasses with a food-grade silicone material
For generations general PVC material was used
silicone material is very soft and comfortable. on the skin create no irritation while using it.

  • Non-toxic / Odorless
  • Soft / Good Elastic
  • Cold and High Temperature
  • Higher Tear Strength
  • Sweat Absoption
Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses
Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses

* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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