Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveWatch S1 Active
Style up your fitness

Bringing together all the best features Everything you like in one device
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveWatch S1 Active
1.43" AMOLED high-resolution display60Hz high refresh screen renders exquisite graphics
117Fitness Modes
19Professional Modes
5 ATM water resistance*
200+ watch facesCustomizable layout
12 days of battery life*, built to last24 days under battery saver mode*
Exquisite metal bezel36.3g lightweight watch body and colourful strap
Bluetooth® phone call
All-day blood oxygen monitoring24-hour heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep monitoring
Dual-band GPSSupports multiple satellite navigation systems for faster and more accurate positioning.
Mastercard® cashless payment
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Broader view, clearer detailsThe bigger, clearer, 1.43" AMOLED display offers a more colorful, smoother viewing experience. The always-on display* allows you to check the time more conveniently. Important notifications such as incoming calls, reminders, and sports notifications can be displayed with clarity, even in strong light.
Exquisite metal bezel Lightweight and comfortableThe new stylish and lightweight design to truly style up your fitness. Weighing only 36.3g, Xiaomi Watch S1 Active will assist your workout with no limits.
*The weight does not include the strap and may slightly vary.
Colorful and stylish choicesThree color choices for the watch case for you to mix and match according to your mood or outfit of the day.
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveMoon White
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveOcean Blue
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveSpace Black
*Moon White straps are made from silicone, while Space Black and Ocean Blue straps are made from TPU.Want more choices? No problem.Take your style to the next level with three more awesome color options for the interchangeable straps.
*Interchangeable straps sold separately. Please refer to the official website for more information on sales date.
200+ watch faces Style it up with more customizationsChoose from 200+ watch faces with various themes, including technology, sports, machinery, and cartoons. Super watch faces and custom watch faces are also available, allowing you to select one that perfectly matches your taste and temperament.
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Designed for the sports enthusiasts, like you
117Fitness Modes*: Enjoy your workout, explore to your heart's contentSupport 19 professional fitness modes such as basketball, tennis, swimming, and HIIT, as well as close to 100 extended fitness modes.Accurately monitor and analyse key data points such as heart rate, average pace, and calories burnt, making your workouts more efficient.
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveFreestyle workout
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveTrekking
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveOutdoor cycling
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveIndoor cycling
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveJump rope
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveRowing machine
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveElliptical trainer
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveSwimming
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveOpen water swimming
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveTriathlon
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveTreadmill
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveOutdoor running
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveHigh-intensity interval training (HIIT)
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveWalking
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveBasketball
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveTennis
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveTrail running
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveHiking
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveYoga
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
5 ATM water resistance*Swim-friendly
Access your favourite sports mode with just one clickYou can customize your settings to access your favorite sports mode with just one click of the SPORT button. Furthermore, auto-detection of treadmill, outdoor running and walking are supported*.
Dual-band multi-system GPSThe built-in dual-band GNSS chip supports five major satellite positioning systems: GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS, together with advanced optimization algorithms to achieve faster, more accurate positioning, giving you professional statistics.
No more battery anxietySay good-bye to your low-battery anxiety with this 470mAh large battery and low power consumption AI algorithm! The convenient magnetic charging cable gets you a full charge in just 2.5 hours.
12 daysTypical usage mode*
24 daysBattery saver mode*
30 hoursGPS mode*
Free your hands with Bluetooth® phone callThanks to the built-in microphone and speaker, Bluetooth® phone call is now supported on Xiaomi Watch S1 Active. When you are outdoor running, or in a situation not convenient to take out your phone, answer or reject incoming calls with one tap on your watch.Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveFacing an emergency? Don't panic!Click the side button on the bottom right-hand corner three times in a row to quickly dial your emergency contact.*The device must be kept connected to the phone's Bluetooth. Emergency contact must be set in the App for this function to work.
Your HealthCared for 24/7
24-hour heart rate monitoring
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveMulti-channel PPG bio-sensors
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveAbnormal heart rate alert*Heart rate Alert need to be enabled manually
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveResting heart rate curve
The multi-channel PPG bio-sensor performs 24-hour heart rate monitoring. With upgraded hardware and algorithms, the sensor accurately monitors your heart rate even as you perform high-intensity sports such as trail-running and cycling, and notifies you when your heart rate is too high. It also automatically saves the resting heart rate* curve for the previous 30 days, continuously tracking health improvements made from exercising.
All-day blood oxygen monitoring*
Get an SpO₂ measurement for a peace of mind. Newly upgraded to support all-day continuous SpO₂ monitoring. Measurement interval can be set up according to your need. Tips:*All-day blood oxygen monitoring mode needs to be manually enabled. Default monitoring is set to once every 30 minutes and can be adjusted to once every 10 minutes.
Advanced sleep monitoring Sleep well to perform well
The sleep monitoring function has also been upgraded with a 35%* increase in accuracy and support monitoring night-time long sleeps and daytime sporadic naps. Record your sleep patterns through different stages and help to improve your habits for a better sleep.*Sleep stage, average heart rate, and blood oxygen data will not display for sporadic naps less than three hours. The duration for sporadic nap detection is 20 minutes to 3 hours.
Don't get stressed, let's breathe together!
Stress detectionConstantly stay aware of your stress states, as well as daily and 30-day stress trends to achieve a better work-life-balance.
Breathing exerciseRelieve physical and mental stress quickly by following the rhythms displayed and doing breathing exercises for 1-5 minutes.
Consist of many other little surprises Practical, thoughtful, and tailored to you
Health IndexThe health index has been upgraded to support the setting of duration and standing goals for medium and high-intensity activities (calories, steps, standing, and medium and high-intensity activity duration; choose from three of the four displays).* *Calories and steps are the basic indicators, so their displays cannot be cancelled. The duration of 'standing' and 'medium and high-intensity activities' can be adjusted via the Mi Fitness app.
Women's HealthThe all-new women's health tracking function can be set to track periods via the Mi Fitness app and will display the cycle automatically on the watch and synchronously with your smartphone. You can set period-related notifications and care reminders on your smartphone and your watch will display these mobile notifications.*Automatic recording and voice recording are not supported
Mi Fitness app Daily health data at your fingertipsDaily health statistics, such as heart rate, fitness, and sleep, are shown in detail to provide a clear picture of your health. You can also add various health plans to develop habits of self-discipline. Support syncing data with Strava and Apple Health.
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveXiaomi Watch S1 Active
*Devices cannot be directly bound to the Strava app.
Mastercard® NFC cashless payment*Simply tap the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active onto the Mastercard® payment device to make cashless, contactless payments.
Alexa voice assistant*Check the weather, set an alarm, remotely control your home smart appliances, and more. All by just asking Alexa. Alexa features and functionality will be supported via OTA and require the watch's firmware to be upgraded to the latest version.Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Disclaimers:*All images including but not limited to render pictures, videos, user interface on this page are for demonstration purposes only and may differ from actual product.*The specifications and descriptions on this web page are subject to change. Xiaomi reserves the right to make changes to including, but not limited to functionality, features, specifications, UIs of this product on this web page, at any time, without notice or obligation. *The content and features shown on the above pages cannot be guaranteed to remain permanent and may change as a result of changes in copyright, commercial, or technical conditions. In case of any changes without individual notification, please refer to the actual contents and features of the product.*117 Fitness Modes: includes 19 professional Fitness Modes and 98 expanded Fitness Modes. The number of Fitness Modes varies depending on the software version. Please ensure that you have the latest software version;*Always on display: always on display for time is supported. Enabling this feature will greatly impact battery life; *5 ATM water resistance: The 50m water resistance is based on standard GB/T 30106-2013 and standard ISO 22810:2010. It can be worn in the swimming pool while swimming near the shore, or during other shallow-water activities. However, It cannot be used in hot showers, saunas, or diving. Furthermore, remember to avoid the band being directly impacted by swift currents during water sports. The water-resistant function is not permanent and may decline over time.*Auto detection of workout modes: Need to turn auto detection in your workout setting on your watch. After the workout is detected, users need to confirm workout type on the band to continue tracking full workout activity. *All battery life testing data is derived from 70mai Laboratory. Battery life during actual use depends on various factors such as setup, operation, and usage environment, and may differ from laboratory results;*Typical usage mode 12-day testing conditions: default factory settings with all-day heart rate monitoring enabled and with the default settings being 10 minutes each time. Received and displayed 100 push notifications per day; set two alarms per day; checked the watch display 200 times per day; received and displayed four incoming call notifications per day; 30 minutes of Bluetooth phone call each week; connected headphones to play music for 30 minutes each week; performed two 30 minute outdoor sports sessions per week (GPS enabled)*Long battery mode 24-day testing conditions: default factory settings with all-day heart rate monitoring and stress monitoring disabled and 24-hour uninterrupted step counting enabled. Received and displayed 100 push notifications per day, set two alarms per day, and checked the watch display 20 times each day. No outdoor sports.*Sports mode (GPS enabled) mode 30-hour testing conditions: under typical usage mode conditions with outdoor running mode frequently enabled;*Resting heart rate: the number of heartbeats per minute when one is conscious and at rest. Xiaomi Watch S1 Active measures the daily resting heart rate by sampling heart rate data multiple times a day and combining it with activity data. The watch then saves the resting heart rate curve for the last 30 days, allowing the wearer to understand changes in their physical condition based on changes in their resting heart rate;*The blood oxygen monitoring (SpO₂) feature is not intended for diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, prediction, prognosis of any disease, investigation of physiological processes or any other medical purpose. All data and tracking should be used for well-being and personal reference only. If you feel uncomfortable, please rely on professional medical devices or consult a doctor for assistance. *Sleep monitoring accuracy improvement data was derived from a comparison with Mi Watch;*Cashless payments only accepted at Mastercard® supported payment terminals. *Alexa is not available in all languages and countries/regions. Alexa functionality and features may vary by location; Amazon Alexa for iOS devices will be supported by OTA.*Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.*Features including but not limited to notifications of messages and incoming calls require the Mi Fitness app to run constantly in the background. For more information, please refer to the application's settings;*Strava and all related logos are trademarks of developers.strava.com.*Apple Health and all related logos are trademarks of Apple.com.Supported banks list (updating): 1. Belarus: JOINT STOCK SAVINGS BANK 'BELARUSBANK', Belgazprombank, Belarus Narodny Bank (BNB), Dabrabyt Bank, JOINT STOCK COMPANY 'BELAGROPROMBANK', PRIORBANK JOINT-STOCK COMPANY, JOINT STOCK COMPANY 'BELARUSIAN-SWISS BANK', Joint-Stock Company 'Minsk Transit Bank', CLOSED JOINT STOCK COMPANY 'ALFA-BANK'; 2. Czech Republic: Curve, Československá obchodní banka, a.s.; 3. Denmark, Finland, Norway: Curve; 4. Estonia: Curve, Swedbank; 5. Italy: Curve, Nexi Payments; 6. Latvia: Curve, Swedbank; 7. Lithuania: Curve, Swedbank; 8. Poland: ZEN, POCZTOWY, SGB, Curve,Credit Agricole, mBank,PKO BP,Alior Bank,Banki Spółdzielcze BPS; 9. Slovakia: Curve, mBank; 10. Sweden: Curve, Swedbank; 11. Ukraine: AlfaBank, PJSC CB PRIVATBANK, JSC Oschadbank, OJSC Universal Bank, PJSC Bank Vostok, Public JSC First Ukrainian International Bank, Joint Stock Bank Ukrgasbank; 12. UK: Curve.13.Hungary:K&H Bank Zrt.

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