Mi Mechanical Keyboard

87 Key|Aluminum Body|TTC Red Switches |Back Illuminated Keys
Rs 7500

Mi Mechanical Keyboard

with a 6-layer design and an H32 aluminum alloy shell with anodic oxidation and sandblasting its surface is tenacious and resistant to scratched and corrosion

Classic TTC Red Axis

Soft and smart TTC red axis, spring strength is moderate, the fingers are not easy fatigue. After 50 million time the reliability
test of the TTC red shaft durable service life, no matter writing documentation or to play games.

* In order to balance the percussion experience, the space bar used a black axis.

Easy to enter, feel superior

Red switch comes with delivering low resistance and clicks feedback,
as well as 50 million keystrokes life cycle for durability and reliability

No fear of wear

PC (polycarbonate) + ABS resin two-color keycap has a unique fingertip touch,
Keyboard remain beautiful and enjoy the pleasure of DIY.

6° Angle, More Ergonomic

Keyboard form 6 ° Angle, more accord with human body. Can effectively use the keyboard for a long time without finger fatigue.
Made using polycarbonate + thermoplastic polyurethane. two-color injection molding, a integrated, strong, prevent slippery, environmentally friendly

Back Illuminated Keys

keyboard is equipped with 3528 backing LED lamp, 6500K color temperature of white, six-speed emission luminance, the Caps lock key, Scroll lock key, win key and other function keys also provides a two-tone orange and white backlight.

Durable Alloy Body

(CNC) precision and sandblasting treatment

6-layer structure design

matte black zinc-plated steel plate, solid and reliable
5 specially designed automated manufacturing, testing equipment, 6 quality inspection process.

STMicroelectronics Master Chip

32-bit ARM architecture, 1000Hz refresh rate, 1 millisecond response time,
press up to 11 keys at the same time without any conflict, complicated daily work and intense gaming can easily handle

Separable Cable

Support the replacement of cable pure copper wire 48 made of shielded wire to ensure more stable and efficient signal transmission

* All data are provided by Yuemi Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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