Haylou MoriPods ANC

Bluetooth Earphones
  • -30dB ANC
  • Call Noise Cancellation
  • Gaming Mode
  • 30H Battery Life
Haylou MoriPods ANC

Enjoy a Quiet World

Haylou MoriPods ANC
Active Noise Cancellation
3 modes for different needs
Haylou MoriPods ANC
Bluetooth 5.2
Fast and stable connection
Haylou MoriPods ANC
HD Call
Smoother and clearer call
Haylou MoriPods ANC
Low-latency Mode
Complete audio-visual sync-up
Haylou MoriPods ANC
10mm Dynamic Driver
Natural and accurate sound
Haylou MoriPods ANC
3.9g Compact Body
Lightweight and comfortable
Haylou MoriPods ANC
30H Battery Life
Long-lasting music enjoyment

Automatically Select the Right Mode

Better Understand You

Cut out the Noise

Enjoy a World with Peace
Put on the Haylou MoriPods ANC earbuds to automatically enable noise cancellation mode. 3 ANC modes allow you to hear what you want to hear.
Haylou MoriPods ANC
-30dB deep noise
Haylou MoriPods ANC
Put on to auto
turn on
Haylou MoriPods ANC in a woman's ear

Adjustable Listening Modes

Hear What You Want
Toggle between 3 modes: noise cancellation, transparent and standard modes. Feel the world around you without taking off the earbuds once the transparent mode is enabled.
Haylou MoriPods ANC in a man's ear
Noise cancellation mode
Subway, airplane, bus
Woman doing fitness with Haylou MoriPods ANC
Transparent mode
Workout, shopping, leisure
Woman studying with Haylou MoriPods ANC
Standard mode
Library, office, bedroom

Crystal Clear Call

Enjoy Talking with Your Friends
High-quality microphones and DSP call noise cancellation accurately pick up voice and reduce background noise for clear and noise-free calls.
Haylou MoriPods ANC
Clearer voice
Haylou MoriPods ANC
Non-stop calls
Haylou MoriPods ANC
Less background noise
Haylou MoriPods ANC in female hand

Simple but Extraordinary

Outstanding Performance

Connect at an Instant

Beautiful Music at Any Time
With an advanced Bluetooth 5.2 chip, the Haylou MoriPods ANC earbuds can reconnect instantly once taken out from the case. Enjoy smooth and premium sound at any time.
Haylou MoriPods ANC
Reconnect instantly
Haylou MoriPods ANC
Stable signal
Haylou MoriPods ANC
Ultra-low latency
Bluetooth 5.2 chip

Immerse in Your Game

Dominate the Battlefield
Triple tap to enable low latency mode and unlock your hidden potential for games, providing a more immersive gaming experience.
Haylou MoriPods ANC next to smartphone

Studio-level Sound

Best Listening Experience
With a 10mm large dynamic driver, the Haylou MoriPods ANC earbuds can reproduce deep bass, bright vocals, and full details providing excellent clarity across the frequency range.
Haylou MoriPods ANC
10mm large dynamic driver
Polymer composite diaphragm
Haylou MoriPods ANC
High-quality audio
Compatible with Android / iOS platforms
10mm large dynamic driver

Extra Listening Time

Keep on Playing for 30 Hours
With ANC mode on, you can still have up to 30 hours of playtime, getting you through your longest days.
ANC Disable
ANC Enable
Haylou MoriPods ANC with open charging case

Simple Design

Comfortable Wearing

Simple and Stylish

Love at the First Sight
The Haylou MoriPods ANC earbuds adopt a simple and stylish design. The smooth lines coupled with the matte surface will attract you at first sight!
Charging case Haylou MoriPods ANC on the background of water

Ergonomic Design

More Close-fitting
3.9g lightweight offers extra wearing comfort, and a 35° in-ear angle softly fits the contours of the ears, bringing you full sound details.
Haylou MoriPods ANC
Weight only 3.9g
Haylou MoriPods ANC
35° in-ear angle
Haylou MoriPods ANC
S/M/L ear tips
Smiling woman with Haylou MoriPods ANC

Touch at Will

All at Your Fingertips
Answer/Hang up
Tap L/R earbud for 1.5s
Reject call
Double tap L/R earbud
Tap L/R earbud for 1.5s
Previous/Next track
Double tap L/R earbud
Noise cancellation mode
Triple tap right earbud
Low latency mode
Triple tap left earbud
Touch button on Haylou MoriPods ANC

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