90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

It’s easy to travel with a solid companion

100% aluminum-magnesium alloy|sturdy and light
quick release mute caster|flexible storage
Rs 37000
Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

‘Mijia Customized’ is a cooperative brand of the official ‘Mijia’ brand of the Xiaomi ecological chain. It partners and collaborates with other outstanding companies in the industry to create products. It is the perfect embodiment of Mijia`s design philosophy and quality pursuit, and the excellent manufacturing standards of third-party companies. Mijia custom products are sold exclusively by Xiaomi`s official channel.

Travel the world, while you`re young

Youth is a time to explore, to be adventurous, to be traveling. There is a temptation
in travelling that is difficult to resist. Use your young adventurous spirit to explore
the novelties and beauty of the world., Be prepared and carry luggage which will
be useful. With 90 Points metal suitcase, the journey start is easy, return is a
satisfying, and the experience in between is worth remembering.

Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

Elegant and durable travel partner

New design, stand out from the rest

Before any comfortable journey can begin, you need to choose a stylish and reliable
suitcase. 90 Points suitcase has metal integrated into the chassis, in the horizontal
stripe structure, incorporating a more rounded design style. Consideration is taken
of both aesthetics and usability; stronger support and anti-collision reduces the
possibility of collision and damage to the main cabinet during the journey.

  • Horizontal stripe structure
  • Rounded corner design
Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

Organize your bags and start a new journey

Large space divided into two, more flexible storage

Properly sort out the things around you and say goodbye to the mess. The adjustable Y-shaped webbing in the
suitcase has the function of tightening the clothes. Put your beloved small items into a detachable partition that
is easy to find, organized and retractable. The lining is made of 100% polyester fiber, which puts the close-fitting
clothes directly into the box, which is anti-wrinkle and durable. So pull the solid metal suitcase with you and
boldly explore the beautiful vast unknown that awaits you!

  • Y-shaped belt
  • Detachable partition
Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

Start your journey, lightly

The cabinet is 100% aluminum-magnesium
alloy, light and strong

In order to better protect the luggage, the 90 Points Metal suitcase adopts a 5
series high-grade custom aluminum-magnesium alloy; which is a light material,
has stronger elongation and has impact resistance, with the rebound handle
being very comfortable to hold as well. Board the plane directly, saving the
troubles of baggage, so that the journey is no longer burdensome.

  • Custom aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • Box size

* 5-series custom aluminum-magnesium alloy is jointly developed
with aviation aluminum giant Arconic formerly ‘American Aluminum’.
Its label is: 5XCT3, the same label material that is used in aerospace,
luxury cars and 3C electronics industry.

Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

Despite being light, it has strong resistance as well

All-round reinforcement, the suitcase has strong resistance

Most baggage is heavy, but you can rest assured that it won’t damage your suitcase. The two bases are widened with a 6-gauge high-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy box frame to support structural strength and to ensure that the suitcase can withstand greater external pressure. Thick aluminum-magnesium alloy wrap angle protects the box from bumps, 4 wear-resistant beads avoid direct contact between the box and the ground effectively preventing the suitcase from being scratched. There is a fixed triple hinge which is supported by 84 bright rivets to ensure a better fit between the shells. Every detail ensures that the box is stable and does not get damaged.

  • Thick aluminum wrap angle
  • 4 wear-resistant beads
  • Triple hinge
  • 84 bright rivets
Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

* 6 series aluminum-magnesium alloy number: 6063, the same material is commonly used to make aircraft skin,
fuselage frame, girders and landing gear pillars, as well as rocket forging rings, spacecraft siding, etc.

Lock your suitcase and stay at ease

Two TSA password locks, multiple security protection

With two TSA password locks, security clearance is a breeze,and leaving the country is made to look simple and hassle free. In order to avoid the common situation where the password wheel is not easy to dial, we decided to increase the bevel of the password wheel so that the surface area of the wheel is increased, resulting in the dialing to be more convenient and smooth.

* TSA password locks are certified by the US Transportation Safety Administration. When passing the customs, staff can use the universal TSA special key to open the TSA-certified suitcase without any damage, so that the luggage can be safely passed.

Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

Pulling it to explore the secrets of the city

Adjustable height lever for smooth movement

Once you’ve arrived in your long-awaited destination city, you will want to use your feet to visit every
street and alley. The lever handle is made of high-strength thick aluminum-silicon alloy, which is light and
firm. The built-in hidden design makes the shaking degree within 10mm, ensuring the smoothness of the
lever handle and the buffering effect. With a single touch, the smooth four-step adjustable height
operation allows everyone to find the right push-pull distance.

  • Height adjustment
  • Shake
Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

Push to slide; enjoy the beautiful moments

Silent universal wheel, smart and flexible

90 Points metal suitcase uses tyres with high elastic material TPE which results in shock absorption and noise reduction while walking on the road. It also has a precision ball structure allowing 360° movement of the suitcase. The rivet is reinforced and has a large load bearing weight. The wheel seat control adds a cushion rubber pad to the shaft, so it can smoothly slide when weight is applied.

Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

The wheels can be replaced, giving
you peace of mind during travel

As the most vulnerable part of the suitcase, the 90 Points metal suitcase adopts the quick-release universal wheel to effectively prevent entanglement. It is also easy to replace the damaged wheel which allows the mood of the journey to be unaffected, and the life of the suitcase to be extended.

Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

Exquisite craftsmanship,
accompanies you on every trip

150 complex craftsmanship steps, elegant from the inside out

90 Points metal suitcase undergoes 150 processing steps, which improves the quality and
function of each part, focusing on the essence of each detail so that it can support enough
load, resist external pressures, and make your journey more exciting.

Venture forth, and find yourself in a new journey

The essence of good travel lies in having a good luggage partner, so that the unknown journey can be boldy ventured into. True freedom is mostly experienced on the road in a journey far away from home. 90 Point metal suitcase ignites your fire to explore and discover all the possibilities that lie ahead, so that you might realize your potential and discover your limits during your travels. So, where do you want to go?

Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase

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