Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Ergonomic and flexible half In-ear design

Comfortable in-ear design|Dynamic coil + ceramic speaker|High toughness wire
MEMS microphone wired control|90° fitting plug
Rs 3,499
Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Beautiful appearance

The classic black and white temperament color match the exquisite appearance of clear and smooth
lines, such as the ear and cheek pearls, simple and slim. The glossy body of the ceramic texture
outlines the details of the shine and makes the flow of music more remarkable.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Half in-ear wearing structure
for tailored comfort

Half in-ear wearing structure, the in-ear angle is in line with ergonomic
parameters,the ear shell is basically on the outside of the ear canal to
protect the delicate ear canal, suitable for most ear type and brings
all-weather gentle and comfortable wearing experience.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

High toughness wire
guards every moment of the sound

Soft TPE material is not easy to knot and twist. Even the cold winter
does not harden, and gently guards every moment of the sound.
Three button control, listening to songs are convenient.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

MEMS microphone wire control,
three-button control

MEMS microphone reduces noise interference. The wired remote comes
with three sleek buttons for answering calls, music playback and volume
adjustment, better controls, and convenience.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

90° Angle Fitting Plug
thoughtful design to fit most music players

90° plug design, with a higher degree of matching with the mobile phone, exposed length, less pressure, rotate with heart,
fear of winding, effective. Protecting wire and extending the life of the headset is a great partner for mobile phones.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Comfortable to wear

Delicate and smooth surface super light soft design can’t feel them
in ear even sleeping on the side, total squishy silicone incredible
comfortable for 24 hours wear.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Lose yourself in your music

In a laid back afternoon, order a cup of coffee, read a book, listen to melodious
music, from the comfort and convenience of an half in-ear earphones.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Listen while you work

The work that goes all out comes from our pursuit of a higher
quality of life. We add a melody to ourselves at every moment
of our efforts to make our everyday affairs beautiful.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Dynamic + ceramic dual driver

Emotive detail in-between layers of a song are often lost when you use headphones.
In pursuit of a better music experience, we placed multi-layer ceramic driver with a
dynamic driver into one single set of headphones, to create a non-division balanced
sound experience. It`s time to rediscover the nuances in your favorite song.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Tri-band equalization,
sounds so beautiful and natural

To achieve a balance in the bass, mid, and high audio ranges, we included dual dynamic drivers in our all-new Mi Dual Driver Earphones. The larger dynamic driver is responsible for the lower audio ranges, whereas the smaller dynamic driver takes care of the higher audio ranges. When the dual dynamic drivers combine with the armature driver, sounds produced are resoundingly richer and fuller.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Ceramic speaker
high-frequency performance

The thin ceramic speaker unit produces a smooth and high-definition sound quality through bi-directional
vibration, A faster transient response allows the high-frequency range to be extended to 40 kHz,
Accurately parsing and restoring music brings a more distinct sense of smoothness.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Hear more with Hi-Res Audio

Recipient of the Hi-Res Audio quality certification. Mi Dual-Unit Half-In-Ear Earphones offers uncompromising
music quality with higher sampling rates than the standard sampling rates used in CDs.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones
Mi Dual Driver Earphones

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