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Tonfon 3 In 1 Rechargeable Impact Drill

Suitable for furniture installation, home appliance repairing and electronic equipment assembly

Rs 10,500
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Tonfon 3 In 1 Rechargeable Impact Drill

  • Tonfon 3 In 1 Rechargeable Impact Drill
    • Product Name: Tonfon 3 In 1 Rechargeable Impact Drill
    • Type: Screwdriver

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Tonfon 3 In 1 Rechargeable Impact Drill

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Tonfon 3 In 1 Rechargeable Impact Drill

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  • please tell difference between Tonfon 3 In 1 Rechargeable Impact Drill and Tonfon Rechargeable 12V Drill

    3 in 1 has three options 1.screw 2. Drill 3.Impact/Hammering and second version is lite version of 3 in 1, which does not have impact option, it can only drill or screw.

    May 16, 2019, 7:54 pm
Tonfon 3 In 1 Rechargeable Impact Drill
Tonfon 3 In 1 Rechargeable Impact Drill

Rs 10,500

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Tonfon 3 In 1 Rechargeable Impact Drill

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