Yeelight LED Desk Lamp

Flexible design, comfortable lighting
360-degree swan-neck flexible armAdjustable brightness and color temperature
Reduction of blue lightHigh color rendering index
Rs 6599

Minimalist design , elegant appearance

Designed with minimalism, beauty, and practicality in mind, the lamp sports an elegant swan-neck arm with larger lamp head, which maximizes its area of brightness without sacrificing aesthetics.

Flexible yet durable

The lamp arm’s 360-degree flexibility allows for the perfect lighting angle of your choice. Equipped with memory-metal technology, the lamp’s arm can effortlessly revert to your favorite positions. The metal is coated with a silicone finish which provides a smooth, comfortable exterior upon touch. Despite being flexible, the lamp holds an ABS standard of durability and maintains its pristine quality even after thousands of bending tests.

Adjustable color temperature and brightness

Choose from a wide range of color temperature ranging from 2700K to 6500K. The lamp head consists of 60 mini
light beads (30 warm beads+ 30 cold beads) organized strategically to best customize the color temperature of your
preference. Through countless experiments and design trials, the special organization of the warm and cold light
beads layout was awarded a patent. (Patent number: 201720803686.7)

Uniform dispersion of light to
present high quality light

The high quality mini lightbeads have a color rendering index of 88Ra, thus providing true color rendering. The head lamp is specially designed to disperse the light evenly. Blue-ray reduction material is also adopted for more comfortable lighting to the eyes.

Simple Connection, Simple

Recharge the lamp using a Micro USB cable or simply plug it into an outlet, bringing quality light at your convenience.

Built-in rechargeable battery with a
long-lasting life

With a 2000mAh battery, one charge can last up to 5 hours of constant usage. Whether it’s a college study lounge, library, or classroom, bring the light with you without letting any light source dictate where you go.

Simple operation with touch panel controls

The various brightness and color temperature combinations allow
you to choose the ambience based on your preferences.

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