Yeelight Smart LED Bulb (Color)

Paint your home with colors. Anytime, anywhere
Vast Color Options|No Hub Required|Smart Control|Sync with Music
Rs 4999

Brighten Your Home

With multiple colors and adjustable brightness, Yeelight Smart
LED Bulb offers even more brightness compared to our first
generation bulb. Bright enough to light your whole room with
just one bulb.

Annotation:The brightness of the 1st generation of Yeelight
Smart LED Bulb is 600 lumens.

AI Ready

Control your lights hands-free with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Change the brightness, color,
and color temperature with convenience.

Multitude Colors Countless Possibilities

Your home, your way. With the large variety of color choices, get creative as you
customize colorful accents to your home.

Customize to Your Scenes

Change the mood with your voice-enabled device or phone. Customize scenes to your
preference and get instant access to them. Whether you’re in the mood to party or in
the mood to take a nap, Yeelight helps you achieve your favorite setting instantly, no
time wasted.

Movie Scene
Reading Scene
Romance Scene

Sync Lights with Music

Sync the lights to your favorite song and explore how lights
change with the rhythm. Spice up your party or holiday
decorations with changing colors.

Complete Control Home and Away

With the Yeelight iOS and Android apps you can control your lights remotely, wherever you are. Not sure if you turned off all the lights but already left the house? Check even when you’re away from home. Forgot to leave a light on for your pet? Turn on a light without being present.

Program to Fit Your Lifestyle

Have trouble waking up to your 7AM alarm? Program these lights to gradually turn on
so your room will be well-lit by the time your alarm goes off. Or prepare for bed by
programming the lights to slowly dim as you drift to sleep.

One Room Any Ambiance

Set the right ambiance for any moment by adjusting color temperature from warm
white to daylight. Enjoy different styles throughout the year, ranging from the warm
white light of a summer sun to the cool white light of a winter day.

Save Energy and Money

With the brightness of 800 lumens in just 10 watts, Yeelight helps
you save energy without sacrificing brightness or quality and has
the life span of up to 22.8 years.

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